A Desert Oasis in Jordan

Posted by Carly Fillis 7th November 2017
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Arriving after a long, satisfying walk through part of the iconic Jordan Trail from Dana to Feynan we arrived at our desert eco lodge for the night. Set in perfect keeping with the desert surroundings, it appeared like a mirage, almost camouflaged by the rocks. The sustainable project founded in 2009,  being one of the world's best eco lodges, was truly unique, the only power was in the kitchen and the lights generated by solar in the bathroom. It felt truly mystical.

In the evening after catching an awesome sunset the lodge was lit and lined with candles along all the walkways and stairway. In each of the rooms candles were flickering providing an awesome spectacle.The delicious food was all served by candlelight out on the veranda, and then an evening was spent laying upon the roof watching the stars.The peace and simplicity and as mentioned 'guilt free travel' was perfect.

The drive out the following morning was in the back of the jeep, inside or out... Not everyone's choice but definitely my preferred way to travel. Nothing quite like facing out back upon the world watching the sun rising behind the mountain you walked down the day before. Dust and sunshine in your face with the middle eastern desert smells! Ready to face another day in this beautiful country.

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