Our Purpose

To Challenge Perceptions and Inspire Connections

At Wild Frontiers, we believe sustainable and immersive travel can be a powerful force for good; breaking down barriers, dispelling myths and bringing people from different cultures and communities together.  

Through expertise and first-hand knowledge of our destinations, we aim to create thoughtful and carefully crafted itineraries, which will leave a long-lasting positive impact on both our clients and the people and places we are privileged to visit. 

Challenging Perceptions

Wild Frontiers has always been a company that's not afraid to go beyond the headlines and travel where, in some cases, others do not tread.  

We have actively helped to bring sustainable tourism back to some of the most beautiful, fascinating and sometimes troubled or misunderstood regions of the world, turning many outside assumptions into surprising reality.  In fact, ‘I was surprised’ is a remark we often hear – whether that’s by the amazing landscapes and architecture, by the quality of hotels and cuisine, or above all, by the hospitality of the people and seeing that much of what they watch or hear in the news simply doesn’t play out on the streets.  

‘Some of the countries we offer do raise an eyebrow, but those that join us are always ‘surprised’ by the destination and staggered by the hospitality and generosity of the people’. - Clem, Senior Travel Consultant

Our wonderful guide Hanieh, in Iran
Our wonderful guide Hanieh, in Iran

Helping us to challenge perceptions are those with whom we have forged long-lasting connections. It's these friends, local guides, drivers and hosts, that help form the backbone of Wild Frontiers. They open the doors to their communities with enthusiasm, knowledge, and generosity, offering genuine insight into day-to-day life and culture – both past and present. And it's to these much-loved friends that we introduce our travellers, many of whom go on in turn to develop their own connections. 

‘We often take clients out of their comfort zone, giving them the opportunity and security of our experience to branch out further than they would independently.’ - Lou, Operations Manager

This ethos is not only true when travelling in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Colombia or the Democratic Republic of Congo - it encompasses all that we do.  Challenging perceptions also means seeking out alternative routes and new experiences in more well-known destinations. Again, thinking outside the tourism box and looking for new possibilities and adventures in well-trodden lands.  

‘For me challenging perceptions is about introducing ‘another side’ of a destination, learning how people actually live, taking in the natural landscapes and sights that are not always the main focus. This is more obvious in countries like Ethiopia and India, where travellers can have more pronounced assumptions of the people and society, but I think it’s just as true with our tours to Italy and Greece.’ - Sean, Head of Sales  

Inspiring Connections

Connecting through community tourism is something we aspire to do on all of our trips - both group tours and tailor-made holidays – offering the chance to meet and learn from each other for the benefit of local people and visitors alike.  

‘Experiencing differences from our own life make us richer, but also show the people we visit that we carry a sincere interest in their lives.’ – Richard, Latin America Specialist 

Wild Frontiers Senior Travel Consultant Clem joining in the festivities with the Kalash Community in Northern Pakistan
Wild Frontiers Senior Travel Consultant Clem joining in the festivities with the Kalash Community in Northern Pakistan

For us, inspiring connections also means bringing together like-minded travellers through the joy of shared experiences. These experiences offer a powerful way to connect people and develop friendships, whether through food (the sharing of injera in a family home in Ethiopia or sipping on yaks' milk in a host’s yurt in Kyrgyzstan), trekking up a mountain or simply taking in awe-inspiring landscapes together.  

‘The most unexpected, wonderful aspect of the trip was the group, which came together marvelously and provided the beginnings of real friendships’ - Sondra, (Saudi Arabia tour 2022) 

These shared experiences with fellow travellers help us to see the world in a different way, as do the interactions with people we meet along the way. 

‘I truly believe it is through the sharing of experiences and stories we come to understand one another better, and the freedom we feel by doing so inspires enduring moments of connection with the people we meet and the places we go. By doing so we aren’t just somewhere, we’re part of something.’
- Jonny Bealby, Founder