Middle East

Infused with the romance of ages past, the Middle East has lain at the crossroads of commercial, religious and cultural trade for thousands of years, resulting in an intriguing mosaic of countries that can boast an incredible cultural and historic legacy. From the shores of the Mediterranean, to the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, this region is home to dramatic deserts and Crusader castles, stunning Islamic architecture and a culinary tradition that is amongst the finest in the world. Refreshingly uncluttered by mass tourism, you can follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Sindbad the sailor. Explore the breathtaking archaeological wonders of the Romans and the Nabateans and lose yourself amongst the architectural splendours of Iran’s Persian heritage, as you journey across a landscape that has witnessed some of the most pivotal moments in human history.


If you like shopping, Iran has plenty to offer. Be sure to take cash, as credit cards may not be accepted.

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