My first real travel experience was when I went on a school trip to India, with my very brave teachers! It opened my eyes to a whole world beyond the one I knew and it left me wanting more. After school and university, I worked as an outdoor instructor. I met people from all over the world, worked hard all year and then had the winter off. I would disappear across the world somewhere, spend all of my money and then return to work penniless the next year.

As this continued I realised that a better solution might be to find work within the travel industry so I could continue to indulge in my passion but perhaps with a little more stability. So I spent a number of brilliant years working and travelling until Covid struck. With travel off the table, I took a diversion in my plans and decided to run a small environmental charity for a few years. I helped plant over 16,000 trees with local communities, young people and charities throughout this time.

Then, travel came calling again and as the world was opening up again, I knew I had to get back to doing what I love more than anything. I spent a fair amount of time looking for just the right place to move forward with this goal in mind and as soon as I saw that Wild Frontiers was expanding, I leapt at the chance to work for a company that encompasses so much of what I love about travel - offbeat destinations, responsible travel and community connections. I’m so excited to help run some truly incredible journeys across the globe.


Q: Favourite city?

A: Kathmandu. The hustle and bustle and endless things to do make it a great place to spend some time. I would advise jumping on a bike to explore the city and you’ll soon feel like you’re truly part of what is going on there.

Q: Favourite country?

A: A very tricky one to answer but right now it would be Cuba. It feels like a country where you can make anything happen if you are innovative enough, even with a controlling government. The people, the incredible experiences, and the weather are all wonderful, and a Cuba Libre certainly helps!

Q: Favourite meal?

A: Dal Bhat, found all over the Indian subcontinent, is somehow always the same but always different! Lots of little pots of interesting curries, lentils and rice. It certainly fuels you for a day of travel and fun activities.

Q: Most memorable journey?

A: It has to be meandering around the Galapagos Islands. Weeks upon weeks of being surrounded by life on the land and in the sea. You can see why they call them the ‘Enchanted Islands’ as you travel between them, seeing they rise up out of the ocean on the horizon. Everywhere you look there are birds, sea lions, iguanas and so much more. It was truly extraordinary.

Q: Favourite travel advice?

A: If you want to go to a country then go! Others may follow you or prefer to stay at home but either way, you will have the most amazing time.

Q: Next on the must-see list?

A: Sooooo many places! Bhutan, Madagascar, Canada, Pakistan, Laos - the list goes on and working at Wild Frontiers is making this dilemma much worse!