I have been fortunate enough to grow up with adventurous parents, first leaving the UK as a baby in a backpack to climb mountains in Canada. Since then, I have been lucky enough to have some incredible adventures all over the world; from visiting ancient ruins in Greece to dog sledding in Finland, snorkelling in Egypt and St Lucia and road tripping across the USA and Costa Rica.  

Before going to university to study Politics and International Relations, I set off on a 4-month solo trip to Southeast Asia, visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia - a highlight of this trip being the month I spent living in rural Cambodia working at a Buddhist monastery.  As soon as I finished my last exams of my bachelor’s degree I was off again, this time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and experience the wonders of safari in Tanzania - clearly my parents’ penchant for adventure had rubbed off on me.

I went on to complete a Masters degree in international conflict studies, learning more about the complicated histories of often lesser-travelled countries, and deepening my interest in cultures across the world. I wrote my thesis on the peace process in Colombia, alongside working with a Colombian charity, and slowly becoming more and more intruiged by Latin American culture. I started studying Spanish in my spare time and then headed off for a 6-month solo adventure to Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. This trip really made me fall in love with the region - I got to explore beautiful scenery, climb mountains, immerse myself in different cultures, work with humanitarian programs, teach yoga, surf, and make life-long friends. I can't wait to make it back and explore more.

I am a surf lover and work surfing into any trip that I can. I hope to slowly tick off the lesser-known surfing destination across the globe, although I never say no to a quick trip down to Portugal, Spain or even Cornwall.

Q: Favourite city? 

This would have to be Lisbon, it has the perfect combination of city life and slower-living culture, with the added plus of being right on the sea.

Q: Favourite country? 

I fell in love with Guatemala recently, it has such beautiful landscapes, a deep Mayan culture, and wonderful people. It also has so many areas that haven't quite been hit by tourism yet, and it felt like I was seeing it just before it becomes a top destination.  

Q: Favourite meal?

Definitely these fish tacos that I had in Mexico by the sea - but if I'm eating in London then Ethiopian all the way.

Q: Most memorable journey? 

Backpacking in Thailand I ended up at 3am in a port after a very long (and cramped) night bus, and had to wait for the next boat to leave with no knowledge of when that would be. I ended up waiting for 5 hours, but made some similarly clueless friends. This was one of those times where people like to tell you that it's all about the 'experience', and it is only in hindsight that you tend to agree!

Q: Favourite travel advice? 

For me the people make the place, so befriending locals would definitely be my top tip. I think you always get the best advice on what to see, do and eat from people who really know an area inside out - and it gives you a great excuse to go back!

Q: Next on the must-see list? 

This is a tough one so I will have to give you my top three: Patagonia for the landscapes, Sri Lanka for the wildlife, and Bhutan for the ancient culture.