Jane’s family holidays started the ball rolling in terms of travel visiting various European countries in many cases under canvas and at 16 got her first taste of the exotic – Disneyland! From then onwards travelling with friends her first great adventure was driving from Kent to Athens in a mini metro. No mean feat. India then beckoned and started her love of this country with her travels from Kashmir down to Goa. Jane lived in the Cayman Islands for almost 5 years which allowed her great opportunities to visit Central and South America and also sample the delights of the Caribbean.

After Cayman she returned to the UK to study Travel and Tourism Management with a view to combining her passion for travel with employment. From then onwards the world opened up and she spent 8 years tour leading for Explore in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe with her favourite destinations being Syria, Madagascar and Cambodia. She then decided to join the Operations team to see Adventure travel from a different perspective. Jane continues to travel widely and has recently visited Tibet, Bangladesh, Burma and Algeria.


Q: Favourite city:
A: Cape Town – fantastic location on the coast and amazing backdrop of Table Mountain. Colour, scenery and vibrancy all in one go!

Q: Favourite country:
A: Madagascar – unique wildlife and varied scenery with gentle and truly hospitable people.

Q: Favourite meal:
A: Gourmet seafood BBQ with lobster and champagne at Rum point on Grand Cayman. Kicking back and chilling.

Q: Favourite travel advice:
A: Don’t pack too much. Passport, tickets and money and a few clothes. You can buy anything else you forget!

Q: Next on must-see list:
A: The Karakorum highway or the Manali highway – both iconic journeys.