Zambia Tours

Named after its main river, landlocked Zambia is home to dramatic floodplains, rich plateaus and the smoking waters of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. A rough diamond, still relatively undiscovered away from its main attractions, the country can boast a surprising abundance of wildlife and its walking safaris and bush camps are legendary.

Explored by David Livingstone, its rich mineral deposits attracted the attentions of the British in the form of Cecil Rhodes in the latter years of the 19th century. Along with neighbouring Zimbabwe, it then became part of the British Protectorate of Rhodesia, a name it kept until achieving independence in 1964.

Today it enjoys a well earned reputation for its walking safaris, with South Luangwe National Park in particular being well renowned for its groundbreaking safaris. North Luangwe, South Luangwe and Kafue parks have some of the most prolific animal populations in Africa and a chance to explore on foot provides some unique insights into the country’s natural bounty. There are also canoe trips down the Lower Zambezi and for the thrill seekers amongst you, Zambia provides a wealth of activities from white water rafting and micro-lighting, to bungee jumps and abseiling.