The Three Guianas: Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana



A fascinating and comprehensive journey into the heart of one of South America’s lesser-known regions, this three country adventure combines a rich blend of natural beauty, cultural interaction and a real sense of stepping off into the unknown.

Covering the vastly different landscapes of French Guiana, Suriname and what was British Guiana, we will journey from colonial cities and along the rivers of the Amazonian rainforests into landscapes that play host to caimans, jaguars and the brilliantly exuberant Guianian cock-of-the-rock. Filled with a dazzling mix of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pristine jungle and rare wildlife, a chance to visit the spectacular Kaieteur Falls is followed by a journey to Frederiksdorp, where a historic plantation and egg-laying turtles await.

The end our journey then sees us exploring the crumbling ruins of Devil’s Island (of ‘Papillon’ fame), once home to one of France’s most notorious and infamous penal colonies.

Trip rating:

Adventure Rating
Adventure Rating - 8

Tours that fall into this category will often involve remote, unpredictable and long journeys in emerging destinations. They can be incredibly rewarding but are definitely best suited to experienced travellers.

Comfort Rating
Comfort Rating - 7

You can typically expect a mixture of accommodation with some nights being spent in comfortable and characterful places, and some in more basic places, homestays or camping, especially where choices are limited.

Fitness Rating
Fitness Rating - 5

These tours will typically involve a couple of days of easy/moderate trekking (3-5 hrs/day) or perhaps a more active approach to a cultural itinerary. For riding trips see the Riding Information section

Culture Rating
Culture Rating - 3

With this rating, you can typically expect a tour with a strong focus on nature, the great outdoors and wildlife rather than historical and cultural sights.

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