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Russia Tours

Winston Churchill once said - ‘’Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’’. No statement could be more accurate when describing the world’s largest country. Stretching from the borders of Europe to its Alaskan neighbour in the far north-east, the country spans 9 different time zones across two continents, and is home to over 160 ethnic groups and 100 different languages.

In addition to its rich history and culture, much of the land remains almost completely untouched and wild, offering spectacular scenery and the opportunity to connect with nature on a whole other level. A land of superlatives, it boasts the highest mountain in Russia and Europe (Mount Elbrus), the world’s deepest and oldest lake (Lake Baikal), the largest forest reserves on the planet and, of course, the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway.

Culturally it is no less impressive. Home to the serene majesty of Saint Petersburg and Moscow’s Kremlin, its culture and traditions span thousands of years of history, from the Scythian tombs of the 5th century BC to the opulence of the Tsars, and the stark Soviet dogma of the post-revolutionary years.