Panama Tours & Holidays

Central America’s southernmost country, Panama presents visitors with a staggeringly rich diversity of indigenous culture, history, adventure and natural beauty. Nestling between the waters of the Caribbean and the South Pacific, Panama is fast earning a reputation as one of the most desirable travel destinations in the Americas.

A land of stark contrasts, Panama’s small size means that you can experience a rich mix of natural and cultural highlights relatively easily and quickly. From the modern sophistication of Panama City, you can find yourself in the midst of a cloud forest, or enjoying the tranquil paradise of a tropical island in no time at all.

Blessed with some of the oldest reefs on the planet and a native culture that is thriving through community based tourism, Panama has lain at the ‘Crossroads of the Americas’ for millennia. Boasting a staggering variety of flora and fauna, it offers up everything from cloud forests and whale sharks, to Spanish fortresses and probably one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels, the Panama Canal. There’s plenty for the outdoor adventurer too, with numerous hiking trails crisscrossing its national parks, jungle canopy zip lines, excellent snorkelling and diving and some incredible white water rafting options along the Chagres River and the San Blas Archipelago.