Myanmar (Burma) What To Do

Balloon Ride over Bagan

Early this morning, you will be picked up from your hotel to enjoy a fabulous sunrise balloon trip over the temples of Bagan. Upon landing you’ll then enjoy a delicious breakfast before returning to your hotel. To witness this incredible site, just after sunrise from a hot air balloon is something you'll never forget.

Other things to do in Myanmar (Burma)

Explore Bagan Temples

This morning you will begin your exploration of the magnificent temple complexes of Bagan at the famed golden stupa of Shwezigon Pagoda, arriving early to observe local villagers making their daily offerings. Admire the 12th century frescos that adorn the cave temple of King Kyansittha before visiting the temples of Htilominio and Ananda, the latter of which is considered a masterpiece of Mon design. Late afternoon sees you enjoying a horse cart ride through the Tharaba Gateway through crop fields and villages passing the 12th century Thatbyinnyu Temple (at 61 metres, the tallest in the city), before ending the day watching a golden sunset from the open terraces of the Bagan temples.…

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Sponsor a Novice Monk

As the custom of the region dictates, every Buddhist male must, at some point in his life, spend time as a monk. In order to be taken in by the local monastery an initiation ceremony has to be concluded which includes the taking of robes, shaving the hair etc. Normally a boy's parents would help and finance this, but when a child is an orphan this can be a problem. Through our contacts in the country we are able to help you help an orphaned monk, take the order and fulfil his religious duty. A deeply moving experience for all.…

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Trek Mount Popa

Hike to the summit of Burma's Mount Olympus, believed to be the abode of the country's most powerful Nats (spirits). Mount Popa is a 1500 metre volcanic peak that lies some 50km south-east of Bagan amongst a landscape of wooded hills and natural springs. The trek, taking between 4 and 5 hours, will take in some of the region's most impressive scenery, including the sheer-sided volcanic plug of Taung Kalat, a 737 metre pinnacle that is home to a spectacular cliff-top Buddhist monastery.…

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