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Madagascar What To Do

Walk on the spectacular Tsingy du Bemaraha

The main highlight of the area is the stunning limestone Tsingy that you can walk to the top of. Formed as karstic plateaux, rainwater has eroded the limestone of the elevated land to leave a forest of unique spires, caverns and fissures. Visiting The Great Tsingy section of the national park involves walking through the labyrinth of spires and caves in search of local endemic species of birds and lemurs. The views from the top are spectacular and make for some excellent photography opportunities.

Other things to do in Madagascar

Explore Vazimba tribe riverside cave dwellings

A great way to spend a morning here is exploring the riverside caves, some of which were once used as tombs, with a local boatman. You will head up river in a traditional pirogue canoe and enjoy the spectacular views of the high cliffs and waterfalls that rise up on each bank. Next float to the Manambolo river gorge to see the cave dwellings and remains of the area's first settlers, the Vazimba tribe.…

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