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Lebanon What To Do

Help with the annual grape harvest

The perfect excursion for wine lovers, get stuck in and find a new appreciation of wine production. Most wineries in Lebanon harvest by hand as it ensures only the best bunches are selected and are handled with great care. Once the grapes are ripe, usually between August and October, friends and families of the vineyard owners come and help with the harvest. Discover the crucial steps of the grape picking process before enjoying a well-deserved wine tasting and lunch.

Other things to do in Lebanon

Sample home-cooked food in Ammiq village

Enjoy a delicious lunch at the very special Tawlet Ammiq, born from Souk El Tayeb, an organisation which helps to support small-scale farmers and producers and encourage sustainable agriculture through respecting culinary traditions and the natural environment of this region. Tawlet Ammiq is situated within the village of Ammiq, where most residents work in agriculture. The restaurant allows for locals to showcase their wine or crops, which are then reimagined into delicious dishes by the cooks. Furthermore, the building itself is environmentally friendly, using 80% less energy than a standard construction, and features interiors designed by local artisans and craftsmen. …

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Visit the famous Roman ruins of Baalbek

Located 86 km from Beirut, Baalbek is probably the most impressive historical site in Lebanon and has some of the best Roman ruins in the Middle East. Originally the site of a temple devoted to the Semitic god Baal, the Greeks who later settled in the region named the town Heliopolis or "Sun City" and the name was kept by the later Roman conquerors. The temple precinct contains the monumental Temple of Jupiter, the much better preserved - although smaller - Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Venus. …

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