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Situated 1,600 metres above sea level on the south-facing slopes of the Ferghana range, Arslanbob boasts striking mountain scenery, friendly locals and the most prized walnuts in the country. Alexander the Great is said to have brought back large quantities of nuts from Central Asia but had to give them up once he reached Greece as a payment to the boatmen who transported his troops. The population is predominantly Uzbek and Arslanbob is considered to be rather conservative, as it is close to ...

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Simple | Homestay

Arslanbob Homestay, Arslanbob Village

Support local families by staying at their family-run guesthouses and homestays in Arslanbob. Most are set amongst lush vegetation and fruit orchards, offering the perfect environment to relax after a…

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Travel to Kyrgyzstan with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.