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Central India is simply the heart of the country, a soft and mystical land peppered with ancient temples and majestic forts, whose forests and jungle teem with wildlife and punctuated by some of her most vibrant and historical cities.

Although one of the least explored regions of the country, Central India has a huge amount to offer the modern traveller. Jumping off the busier tourist trails of Rajasthan and the Ganges River plain, here you will find many stunning historical monuments, a plethora of national parks and a rural life-style that will take you back to the Kipling-esque India of our childhood.

If its tigers you're looking for, in Kanha, Tadoba, Pench, Panna and Bandhavgarh you'll find the best parks in the country. Satpura is an amazing park since yo ucan explore it on foot. If you're interest lies in medieval castles and forts you'll find non better than at Gwalior, Mandu and Sarnath. And if it's ancient temples that excite you, at Hampi, Ujjain and Khajuraho you'll discover some of the finest complexes in the world. In Goa you have one of the most iconic beach resorts on earth.

And in Mumbai and Hyderabad old and modern India collide in an orgy of colourful chaos.

And surrounding it all lies rural India, the world we at Wild Frontiers love. We believe its time to step off the well-worn tourist trails and head into the heart of India, to witness firsthand the life that the vast majority of Indians live. In these lesser-travelled areas there is a richness of life that, in terms of memorable experiences, is guaranteed to rival the opulence of Golden Triangle.

Central India does generally require a bit more 'work' than tourist-friendly Rajasthan. But the work will be worth it as you get to witness the real India, away from the madding crowds.

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Group tours


Heart of India: Mumbai, Hampi and Goa

Travel from Mumbai to Goa via the Ajanta and Ellora caves, Hyderabad and Hampi.
15 days from $4,613




South India In Style

This very special luxury journey takes in some of South India’s most exclusive experiences and properties. Go beyond the highlights and enjoy an array of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
17 days from $6,889

Wild Central India in Style

This extraordinary wildlife journey takes you into the jungles of Central India where you can experience some of India's best properties. You will be taken on expert-led safaris that will allow you to spot numerous species, including the enigmatic Bengal Tiger.
13 days from $4,956

Central India - Ancient Kingdoms & UNESCO Treasures

This itinerary takes in the very best of Central India's heritage and history, with spectacular architecture and archeological treasures.
15 days from

Central India - Hill Forts & Palaces

Journey from ancient forts and monuments, through spectacular scenery, to the wilds of Satpura as you go in search of wildlife and tigers, before finishing in Goa.
15 days from $5,754

Wild Central India

A classic introduction to Central India with a wildlife focus. Journey through spectacular jungles as you go in search of numerous species, including the enigmatic Bengal Tiger, before exploring the ancient forts and monuments of Central India.
16 days from $6,986





Mention the name Bhopal and most will immediately think disaster. It was here, in December 1984, that one of the world's worst industrial catastrophes took place as the Union Carbide factory spewed toxic gas into the air, killing between 15,000 and 30,000…


Founded in 8th century AD, Gwalior has been ruled by a succession of Rajput, Mughal,, Afghan and Maratha kings. The city is just a few hours from Agra by train or road, and is famous for its old and very large fort that towers over the city. Within the fort…


The medieval capital of the Hindu empire, Hampi is home to fabulous ancient ruins which attract thousands of pilgrims every year. In the northern part of the Karnataka state on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, a walk around Hampi will show you mile after…

Kanha National Park

One of the inspirations for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, Kanha National Park is one of India’s famous ‘Project Tiger’ reserves. Covering some 940 square kilometres, it is Central India’s largest preserve and is home to a significant population of Bengal…


Mumbai, formally Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra and the economic powerhouse of India (the last population count was over 15 million). The fastest moving, most affluent and most industrialised city in India, it is also home to the busiest international…

Satpura National Park

Cradled amongst the Satpura Ranges, the Satpura National Park protects a unique section of the Central Indian Highlands. Set up in 1981 it encompasses a rugged area of sandstone peaks, deep valleys and waterfalls that provide a rich haven for over 1300 species…


Abode Boutique Hotel, Mumbai

The Abode is a fantastic option in the heart of Colaba which offers character and quality in the form of a friendly boutique hotel. The property aims to offer its guests a more personal, authentic…

Denwa Backwater Escape, Satpura National Park

Denwa Backwater Escape overlooks the backwaters of the Denwa River dam, on the edge of Satpura National Park. Surrounded by 10 acres of forest and grassland, the lodge melts into the landscape due to…

Evolve Back Hampi, Hampi

Inspired by the magnificent royal palaces, temples of the Vijayanagara rulers at Hampi, Evolve Back (previously Orange County) Hampi is a luxurious hotel set within lovely landscaped gardens featuring…

Kanha Earth Lodge, Kanha National Park

Using locally sourced materials, the award winning Kanha Earth Lodge provides the perfect balance between a lodge that blends into the beautiful surrounding natural landscape, yet is still equipped…

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Satpura National Park

This is a wonderful property, situated in a picturesque location among deep forest on the fringes of the park, is owned and run by two royal princes of Bhopal and benefits greatly from their presence.…

Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha National Park

With just six tents, all of which recently went through a complete transformation and upgrade, Shergarh is a wonderful place from which to explore Kanha National Park. Each tent is set amongst a young…

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Built in 1903, the stunning Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is an architectural marvel and brings together Moorish, Oriental and Florentine styles. Offering wonderful panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the…

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Wild Frontiers' Jonny Bealby presents a guide to Central India. As the name suggests, to us at Wild Frontiers, Central India comprises a region at the centre of the country, south of the Ganges Plai…