Greenland Tours

Greenland is a land firmly rooted in its past. The steep granite mountains that descend into the sea are amongst the oldest rocks found anywhere on the planet, whilst its traditions and customs adhere to roots that have helped its people survive the rigours of its harsh environment for generations. The world’s largest island, 80% of the country is covered by the vast Greenland Ice Sheet, an incredible body of ice that covers over 1.7 million square kilometres. Although its nearest neighbour is Canada, Greenland has been politically and culturally linked to Europe for more than a millennium. A historical mix of North American, Norse, Inuit and Dane, Greenland was granted home rule in 1979 and today remains an autonomous country within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Denmark. Its capital, Nuuk, is the northernmost capital in the world and remains the country’s cultural and economic centre. A city of rich cultural contrasts and experiences, its inhabitants have managed to find a balance between their old traditions and modern life and most Greenlanders have learned to uphold a mutual respect for nature and each other. In a land where nature’s hand can produce icebergs the size of cathedrals and the dazzling displays of the Northern Lights, the people have developed a healthy respect for their unique environment. Nature is their playground and their livelihood, so skiing, hunting, fishing and hiking go hand in hand with a shared view of sustainable development. Kalaallit Nunaat means ‘Land of the Greenlanders’ and the people have certainly taken that to heart. In a world of fast moving change and lost cultures, Greenland’s wealth of natural beauty and its unique culture are a refreshing change.