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Cuba is blessed with a wealth of dive sites and some ideal conditions for exploring the rich offshore waters of the Caribbean. With average year round temperatures of around 24C and visibility averaging 30 to 40 metres, the island is a perfect destination for a diving holiday and offers a range of dive experiences, from drop-offs and reefs, to wrecks and caves. Besides its staggering diversity of marine life, which includes moray eels, barracuda, rays and even the occasional shark, Cuba’s waters are also home to some 50 different species of coral and around 200 species of sponge. Generally the south and west coasts of the island offer the best conditions during the winter months (November to April), with the Jardines de le Reine and Isle de la Juventud providing some of the best dive spots. During the summer though (May to September) the north coast tend to fair better.

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