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Colombia What To Do

Contemporary Art Tour of Bogotá

Colombia’s art history stretches back thousands of years to the rock art in the remote Chiribiquete National park, believed to be more than 5,000 years old. Today’s innovators are the street artists or “Grafiteros” whose paint brushes are aerosol cans and whose canvases are the city streets. The streets of Bogotá now offer a great opportunity to learn about different street artists, their styles and their messages due to a reclassification of graffiti crime law. Be guided through the streets before stopping at The Museum of Modern Art, a great place to see what’s new and happening in the contemporary art scene. From here the idea will be, depending on availability and preferences, to visit some of the city’s semi-private and private galleries focusing on specific areas of art that are of interest. With luck, and some advance warning, it may be possible to meet some of the local artists themselves, discuss with them their work and their experiences in the art world of Colombia.

Other things to do in Colombia

Go for a nature walk through Chingaza National Park

Chingaza National Natural Park is within an hour's drive of Bogota and lies within the Orinoco River basin, providing 80% of the water utilized in Bogota. A guided walk through the park offers you the chance to see some rare, but exceptionally beautiful animals such as the spectacled bear, the Andean condor, the páramo tapir, and the puma, as well as the chance to explore ancient and sacred Muisca land and sites. The Muisca were the original indigenous culture which inhabited this area prior to European colonization and their influence can still be seen on the many trails which traverse this spectacular landscape filled with mountains, forests and majestic lakes. Additionally, the park is said to hold over 2,000 plant species, many unique to the area!…

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Visit the Salt Cathedral

You will be met from your hotel by your driver and taken directly to Zipaquira for your half day tour of Zipaquira and the Salt Cathedral, a journey of about approximately 1 hour to reach Zipaquira. For some this is a religious monument, others a celebration of engineering or maybe even an artistic masterpiece. For the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its earth and the hidden jewel beneath the earth's surface, Zipaquira is somewhat of a must during a stay in Bogotá. The subtle lighting pronounces the fourteen Stations of the Cross as you descend in to the mine, each station sculpted by a different artist. At the deepest point of the cathedral, 180m below the earth's surface, you encounter the nave and the north and south aisles dominated by the 16m high central cross. The illumination and execution of the work is a tribute to modern techniques and years of work from the miners and artists. Your guide will explain all about the cathedral's construction and how it and the mine still function in harmony. However you view this construction, you can't fail to be impressed by its size and grandeur. Around the central square of the town of Zipaquira, the colonial buildings still hold their charm footed by brickwork paving and overlooked by the Cathedral Diocesana de San Antonio.…

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