Canada Tours

Steeped in the history and traditions of Arctic exploration and Inuit culture, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago encompasses a number of islands that lie to the north of the Canadian mainland. Covering around 1,424,500 square kilometres, the area comprises most of Nunavut and part of the Northwest Territories and extends as far north as Cape Columbia at the northernmost tip of Ellesmere Island. Forming the world’s largest High Arctic land area (discounting Greenland, which is predominantly covered in ice), its nearly 37,000 islands include some of the largest anywhere on the planet.

Many of our trips base themselves in specially designed ecolodges and heritage lodges set amongst the vast tundras and icy lakes of the Canadian mainland. Only accessible in most cases by small plane, they lie deep in the heart of bear country, providing you with some truly unparalleled sightings of polar bears, wolves and other Arctic wildlife. Taking to the waters to explore the outlying islands, you’ll then cruise through a landscape blessed with towering mountains dramatic ice caps and steep-sided fjords that are home to a rich range of flora and fauna.

Breath taking and exhilarating in equal measure, the High Arctic provides a chance to retrace the voyages that pioneered a way through the Northwest Passage, camp on the edge of ice floes in yurt-style tents and experience the magnificence of Canada’s incredible wildlife up close and personal.