Azerbaijan What To Do

Climb Baku's Maiden Tower

This morning visit the sights of Baku. Take the funicular railway to the top of Martyr's Hill, an area of neat parks dedicated to those who have died in recent conflict. Wander the alleyways of the old city "Icheri Sheher" and visit the restored Palace of the Shirvan Shahs and the Maiden's Tower. As you continue through Baku see the restored mansions of the oil barons, some now home to municipal buildings and designer shops, and also the Bulvar, the wide promenade stretching the length of the bay.

Other things to do in Azerbaijan

Enjoy the Opera in Baku

Well, it’s far from La Scala Milan, but opera, theatre and music are all a great and vibrant tradition in Baku. The story goes that the gorgeous Opera House, perhaps the finest building in the city, was built in 1911 by the Georgian millionaire Daniel Mailov, after he and Baku were snubbed by the beautiful Russian soprano Antonina Nezhdanova, for the town's wealth, yet lack of real cultural facilities. He and his brother took cultural revenge on the 'tactless' diva by spending a lot of money, but if you want Georgian drama off-stage, in 1987 it mysteriously burnt down! It has been restored and reopened for evenings of beauty, grace and cultivation.…

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See mud volcanoes at Gobuston

A half day excursion to the volcanic desert to the south-west of Baku. The displays in the visitor's centre give some background and history to the rock art as well as showing artefacts found in the area. On the mountainside of outcrops and caves are thousands of rock paintings dating from the early Stone Age (c.10,000 BC) to the Bronze Age (1,500 BC). They show animals, hunting scenes, dances and ships and even graffiti left by passing Roman armies. You will also see the old oil fields of Bibi Heyat, learn about oil production in this area and see the bizarre mud volcanoes.…

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