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In order to facilitate an enduring support structure for the communities we visit, and to show a commitment to these values, in 2009 Wild Frontiers set up a charitable foundation through which we can channel funds to both existing NGOs and our own development projects.

In addition to organising ethically sensitive tours, having our own charitable foundation allows us to raise money – through the cost of our tours, charity trips and fund raising events – which can then be used to fund various projects in education, sanitation, reforestations and a number of other important issues facing developing communities. Wherever possible we are happy for our clients to visit these projects to see for themselves where and how this money is being spent.

"It's great to be involved with an organisation that does not always take, but also gives back" Tim Hughes and Julie Harris

To give the foundation a greater voice, more prominence and ultimately raise more funds for the grassroot community projects we develop and support, we have launched the Wild Frontiers Foundation website and facebook page. Through the website and facebook you will be able to keep up with developments on our projects and partnership programmes, join fundraising events and read all the latest foundation news on our blog.

Here is a brief preview of our main projects. To read more, get involved or donate towards one of our projects please visit the Wild Frontiers Foundation website.

Main Projects

Here is a brief preview of our main projects. To read more, get involved or donate towards one of our projects please visit the Wild Frontiers Foundation website.

Baleygon School - Northern Pakistan

Realising the remote village of Baleygon in northern Pakistan had no suitable school facilities, but over 100 children needing an education, we set about our most ambitious project so far. Read more....

e-Learning Centres - Ethiopia

One man’s out of date technology is another child’s treasure. We are working with our charity partners at Camara to create new e-learning centres at schools in Ethiopia. Read more...

Classroom Sponsorship - Laos

Through classroom sponsorship, we are able to help our partners at the Lone Buffalo Foundation to offer free English lessons to children from poor rural communities in northern Laos. Read more....

Chitral School Scholarship - Pakistan

What we believe is the only grant of its type in this region of northern Pakistan, our £500 annual scholarship fund offers five students a year the opportunity to move onto higher education. Read more....

Community Support

Along with our commitment to long-term projects, the Wild Frontiers Foundation also supports communities we visit with funding for a particular need – from contributing to a new bus to ferry children to and from school in Ladakh to donating new beds for the maternity ward at the Bijaipur village hospital in Rajasthan, India. Read more....


Our aim in 2016 is to raise £30,000 for 3 projects in 3 communities we visit.

The Wild Frontiers Foundation is embarking on its biggest fundraising campaign to date. We have set ourselves a target to raise £30,000 and fund 3 education projects in 3 communities we visit.

Pakistan: £10,000 for education projects in remote communities

£5000 for Kalash primary school land
Two years on from the devastating floods that hit the Kalash Valleys, in northern Pakistan, the children of Balanguru Village are still without a primary school building. Since then the children have been taking classes outdoors and in tents with no formal school setting. Parents and Kalash leaders are understandably concerned about re-building the school on the same exposed plot of land for fear of future flooding. £5000 will enable us to purchase an alternative piece of land and accommodate the primary school students in a much safer environment.

£5000 for the ongoing education of students at Baleygon School
Dedicated to the cause, we are aiming to raise a further £5000 to employ an additional teacher, supply more educational material and ensure the long-term sustainability of our sponsored school in the remote northern mountains of Pakistan. Your donations can help us do this.

Ethiopia: £10,000 to fund four e-learning centres in Ethiopian schools

The Wild Frontiers Foundation started working with Camara, an international charity and social enterprise that uses technology to deliver 21st century skills to improve education in disadvantaged communities, on its classroom sponsorship programme in 2014.

With £2500 initial funding from the foundation, Camara was able to install 25 recycled computers, loaded with educational software, and create a new e-Learning Centre at Aba’ala Secondary School in the remote Afar region of northern Ethiopia. Teachers from the school were also trained in basic digital literacy skills, simple hardware maintenance and how to use computers to teach other subjects. With your help we are aiming to raise £10,000 to install four more e-learning centres in other Ethiopian schools.

India: £10,000 for traineeships for 8 young people from Kolkata’s slums

The Wild Frontiers Foundation has teamed up with The Hope Foundation to support its training schemes in Kolkata. £1250 provides a 12-month traineeship at Hope’s training restaurant for a young adult from the Kolkata slums. During the traineeship they learn invaluable skills in food and beverage, cooking, front of house, restaurant management and marketing to establish a career in hospitality.

The Wild Frontiers Foundation is aiming to raise £10,000 to put 8 young slum dwellers through the extensive restaurant training, giving them all the skills needed to join past trainees who have gone on to work in 5 star hotels across Kolkata or set up their own businesses.

Read more and donate if you can.

Or you can challenge yourself and join our charity trek, buy your travel kit and clothing through our generous partners at Nomad Travel Stores, nominate the Wild Frontiers Foundation as your chosen charity in any ‘open’ fundraising event or donate what you can through our JustGiving page.

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