Julia's Reading List

Julia Harrison

With 25 years’ experience and a fantastic insider’s knowledge of the book trade, we have adopted Julia Harrison as our official book worm.  

Julia, a great friend of Wild Frontiers who has travelled with us to Pakistan, India and Turkey, is helping us create reading lists for the countries we visit. She also reviews and recommends ‘Book of the Month’ in a new feature we have introduced on our website.

Having worked for large book retailer Waterstone’s and now London-based independent travel specialists Daunt Books, along with her genuine love of travel, Julia is the perfect person to dig out those little gems that others may not normally find.

At Daunt Books ‘designed for travellers who like reading’ Julia spends her time matching people with books.  She loves talking with people, finding out more about them and  their interests before recommending books that she believes they will enjoy.

‘After completing an MA in publishing in 2008 I took the job at Daunt Books, whose layout I had long admired.  We categorise everything by country, so alongside guidebooks you will find history, travel writing and fiction.  This requires a little work on the part of the customer, who is then rewarded by making connections with books he or she would never normally find.’

‘I hope that sharing these booklists will help other clients make discoveries that will add to their own adventures.’