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Myths and Mountains Roots

  • 27th January 2020

Dr. Antonia Neubauer is the founder of Myths & Mountains, which was acquired by Wild Frontiers in 2019. She continues doing what she loves – planning tours through India, Nepal, Bhutan and Southeast Asia for clients looking for authentic experiences in these unique destinations, and supporting the work of READ Global in the many communities it has enhanced.

17 Amazing Things To Do In Sri Lanka

If you’re planning a ‘bucket list’ holiday to Sri Lanka, we’ve handpicked some amazing things to do that provides you with a chance to see the authentic delights of this beautiful South Asian country.

Journeys Within Roots

  • 24th January 2020

Andrea Ross is the founder of Journeys Within Tour Company, which was acquired by Wild Frontiers in 2018. In this blog, she goes back to her roots to explain where her journey began.

11 Amazing things to do in Ethiopia

There are year-round adventures, experiences and things to do in Ethiopia, one of the most fascinating African destinations.

A Lion Hunt

An unlikely lion hunt on her Jordan tour gave Hannah and her group their very own Indiana Jones experience right in the city of Petra.

The 13 Best Things To Do In Jordan

Whatever your interests, there’s certainly plenty to see and do here, some of which we’ll look at forthwith

The 9 Top Places To Visit In Uzbekistan

There’s so much more to Uzbekistan than its Silk Road heritage. Get off the beaten path to experience its diverse land.

Where to go in 2020

  • 6th January 2020

Wondering where to go in 2020? Or the best destinations for any month of the year? We've compiled a yearly calendar of the best places to go every month and why to start your year off with a bang.

Photos that will make you want to visit Nicaragua

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this Nicaragua photoblog should be all it takes to inspire you to travel to this little Latin American country which packs a big punch.

Is it ethical to travel to controversial destinations?

  • 20th December 2019

With the recent launch of a new but controversial destination on our travel books - Saudi Arabia - we explore why we shouldn't always dismiss travel to destinations which raise difficult ethical questions.

Visiting the Stans of Central Asia

Are you curious about visiting the Stans of Central Asia? A culturally rich and rewarding destination! Read on for the Stans travel guide here.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Georgia

Once you've taken a closer look at these ten things to do in Georgia, we are sure that you'll be thinking about a visit to Georgia immediately.

Best time to visit Georgia

Georgia is a year-round destination, depending on what you like to do. We explore the best time to visit Georgia and what to do every season.

20 for 2020

  • 11th December 2019

Our Wild Frontiers run down of the twenty hottest must-visit destinations for 2020.

When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan

If you're planning a trip, find the best time to visit Jordan. What are the best things to do in Jordan, and what will the weather be like?

When is the Best Time to Visit Oman?

  • 9th December 2019

When is the best time to visit Oman? This country, rich in culture and history is a wonderful destination to visit. Find out the best time to go!

Meet the Locals - Hong My

The extraordinary Nguyen Hong My is one of the many special characters you can meet with Wild Frontiers in South East Asia. For Hong My went from being a student to becoming one of Vietnam’s first fighter pilots in the Vietnam War. We met up with Hong recently and he told us a little bit about his extraordinary life.

Meet the Locals - Manuel Choqque

Meet Manuel Choqque, the 'Potato Whisperer' from Peru, who after his studies, went on to create over 70 potato hybrids...

The 12 Best Places To Visit In Armenia

There are many pleasant surprises to embrace in Armenia, but where are the best places to visit? We sum up the must-visit places on your next trip to Armenia.

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