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Book of the Month: Wild Women

  • 23rd July 2019

July's book of the month is Wild Women, a compendium of travel tales curated by Mariella Frostrup.

What Does An Ethiopia Travel Itinerary Look Like?

Unsure what an Ethiopian trip entails? Here's what an Ethiopia travel itinerary looks like with some of the scenic highlights that you can expect to see. We are highlighting these 6 scenic areas:

Walking Holidays in Africa

  • 26th June 2019

Africa is a destination that will exceed your expectations for trekking & hiking holidays. Here are our picks for the best walking holidays in Africa.

Best Trekking Holidays in the World

  • 13th June 2019

Scenery, people, wildlife are entirely more accessible when you’re on foot, and each of these 5 incredible walking tours by Wild Frontiers gives you a complete trekking, sightseeing, and accommodation package.

Why You Need To Visit The Silk Road

The 'Stans of Central Asia' have an allure like no other place in this world. For most people these countries are rarely thought about and even more rarely traveled to. Which is why we are here to tell you that the Silk Road, specifically the area through Central Asia should be at the top of everyon…

What Does a Mongolia Trip Itinerary Look Like?

  • 24th May 2019

Unsure what a Mongolia trip entails? Here's what a Mongolia trip itinerary looks like with some scenic highlights you can expect from this remote nation.

What To Eat in Mongolia

  • 24th May 2019

Traditional Mongolian meals are hearty, highly calorific and heavily meat and dairy-based. Animals (mutton, beef and goat) are the main source of sustenance for Mongolians, so meat, fat, milk, cheese and cream feature highly in dishes.

The First Ever Streetchild Cricket World Cup

  • 8th May 2019

Yesterday teams from around the world took part in the finals of the Streetchild World Cup at Lords Cricket Ground, London. Wild Frontiers was delighted to support our friends and charity partners the Hope Foundation in bringing a team from North India to the UK for the tournament.

Georgian Street Food

  • 26th April 2019

The rich cuisine of Georgia is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The dishes are hearty, flavorful and draw from the varied cultural influences from Greece, Rome, Persia and Turkey that have shaped the history of this European gem.

Armenia and Georgia Tours

  • 19th April 2019

Georgia and Armenia have often been overlooked as travel destinations. This makes traveling through the Caucasus Region and uncovering legendary landscapes, ancient churches, and military outposts, a very rich experience.

New York: Following in India's Steps

The Vessel, the centrepiece of New York’s newest neighbourhood, Hudson Yards, opened to much fanfare on March 15th. The brainchild of British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the Vessel is an interactive art installation consisting of 80 landings and 154 intersecting flights of stairs and is quickly becoming the most Instagrammed building in New York. At 150-feet tall, it dominates the newly developed area and offers those energetic enough to climb 2,500 steps superb views over the Hudson River and surrounding areas

Amazing Silk Road Discovery

  • 1st April 2019

It has long been believed that the Silk Road got its name from the trade in the highly-sought after fabric that travelled along routes from China to the West in the first millennia. Archaeologists working in China however have unearthed evidence of an actual road made from silk, which they believe stretches over 4,000 miles from Xian to Istanbul. They believe the silk rug-like road was laid in the 5th century to help traders and merchants navigate their way across the dangerous route.

New Chinese Silk Road

  • 28th March 2019

If you’ve been following global news lately, China’s New Silk Road Project has been making headlines in the past few years. The ambitious $900 billion project is simultaneously reviving history - and making it!

Six Great Lakes

  • 22nd March 2019

On World Water Day, we look at the most picturesque places to fill up your Water To Go bottle, helping save on plastic and minimise pollution of the planet’s seas. Click here to find out more about our water campaign.

How to travel the Caucasus

The Caucasus is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world right now. Here we tell you a little bit more about the region, answering questions about how to obtain visas, when to go and which areas to visit.

How well do you know the Caucasus? Take our quiz and find out!

The Caucasus...a region of amazing cheesy breads, spectacularly located mountain-top monasteries, valleys carpeted with wildflowers and friendly homestays. But just how well do you know this area sandwiched between the Black and Caspian Seas and made up of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia? Take our quiz and find out whether you're confused by the Caucasus or a Georgia genius.

Lights, Camera, Action! Film Locations that have Inspired us to Travel

  • 7th February 2019

It’s a big year for films. Particularly because it’s throwing us back to the early 90’s with the likes of a live-action adaptation of Aladdin hitting screens in May, followed by The Lion King in July. This got us here at the Wild Frontiers about films that have inspired us to travel.

Small Group Tours to Iran

  • 27th January 2019

Iran is a fascinating country rich in history and culture. Small group tours to Iran are the best way to safely experience this beautiful country. Check out some of our best small group tours to this amazing country.

What Does a Silk Road Itinerary Look Like?

We put together a Silk Road Itinerary to help you visualize what it's like to travel along the silk road and the things you can expect to experience.

Best Cultural Tours in India

  • 26th November 2018

India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The name evokes visions of lonely mountains, lush rainforests, exotic creatures and more. Spice markets, vast gardens, elephants and peaceful monasteries are all staples of this culture-rich subcontinent.

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