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Things to Do Outside Luang Prabang

As much as Travel Consultant Tara loves Luang Prabang, she tells us just how fulfilling it is to push the boundaries to discover the lesser-known hidden gems of Laos.

Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is nailing sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism and responsible travel enthusiast Meike, finds out just why that is.

Get Certified to Dive in Thailand

Travel consultant Jen earned her PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification in Southeast Asia and went on teaching as she travelled, spending a good year of her life underwater. So who better to advise on how to get dive certified in Thailand?

How To Get Off The Beaten Path in Luang Prabang, Laos

Travel Consultant Tara from our US office has put together a useful list of the best ways to get off the beaten track in Luang Prabang, Laos and engage in an authentic and meaningful way.

My Adventure Travel Awakening

Jonny shares with us the moment he became addicted to adventure travel, as often happens, completely by accident.

Just Back From...Chile & Argentina

Senior Travel Consultant Charlie talks about the highlights of his trip to Argentine and Chilean Patagonia including discovering the joys of asado and canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Visiting Patagonia in the Autumn

Wild Frontiers' Charlie discovers the benefits of travelling to Patagonia in the Autumn.

The First Ever Streetchild Cricket World Cup

  • 8th May 2019

Yesterday teams from around the world took part in the finals of the Streetchild World Cup at Lords Cricket Ground, London. Wild Frontiers was delighted to support our friends and charity partners the Hope Foundation in bringing a team from North India to the UK for the tournament.

Early morning Jaipur with the Pink City Rickshaw Company

The Pink City Rickshaw Company, an amazing initiative set up by ACCESS Development Services, is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at providing innovative employment opportunities for women from low-income households. Product manager Anna got to experience a tour with the lovely Jyoti on her most recent trip to India.

Just back from...India

Product Manager Anna recently returned from a trip to India in search of new, unique experiences we can incorporate into our tours. She sums up the best of her trip.

Moments Overshadow Monuments

On a recent Taj, Temples and Tigers tour, Tara - our Travel Consultant based in the US office - discovered that in India, meaningful moments are just as memorable as great monuments.

Georgian Street Food

  • 26th April 2019

The rich cuisine of Georgia is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The dishes are hearty, flavorful and draw from the varied cultural influences from Greece, Rome, Persia and Turkey that have shaped the history of this European gem.

Flores and the Island of Dragons

Named Flowers by 16th-century Portuguese colonists, who were amazed by the island’s lush and fragrant forests, the island of Flores is today a traveller’s dream.

A to Z of India

Narrowing down all the amazing things about India is no easy feat, but from the Andaman Islands to Ziro Valley, we've summed up an alphabet variety of quintessential and little-known facts about India.

Djemila: Algeria's Ancient Roman City

Wild Frontiers Tour Leader Carly explores one of the finest ancient sites in North Africa.

What Thailand's Coronation Ceremony Means for Travelers

The country of Thailand is planning an extravagant coronation ceremony for their new king, Maha Vajiralongkorn, also known as King Rama X. Find out what this means for travelers to the region during this time.

Armenia and Georgia Tours

  • 19th April 2019

Georgia and Armenia have often been overlooked as travel destinations. This makes traveling through the Caucasus Region and uncovering legendary landscapes, ancient churches, and military outposts, a very rich experience.

Is it Safe to Travel to India as a Woman?

  • 18th April 2019

India is a beautiful country, full of deities of all shapes and sizes, mouth-watering food and welcoming people. Despite this, unfortunately, India has a bit of a reputation for not being the safest place for a solo female traveller.

Sunrise Over Borobudur

Founder Jonny tells us all about his adventures ticking off Borobudur and Prambanan temples off his bucket list.

Just Back From…Uzbekistan

Travel Consultant Clem has just got back from a trip to Uzbekistan and has a lot to say about this fascinating Central Asian country.

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