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Rhino tracking in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is back on the tourist map after the bad days of the Mugabe regime. Here Michael talks about his rhino experience in Zimbabwe.

The Crocodile Men of Papua New Guinea

WF tour leader Mark Steadman describes the incredible customs and traditions of the famous 'Crocodile Men' of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

Ultimate Luxury Walking Holidays

  • 24th October 2018

Walking holidays are a great way to see new travel destinations while getting exercise. These are our choices for the ultimate luxury walking holidays.

Visiting Algiers and the Sahara

WF tour leader, Hilary, reports from the chic and welcoming city of Algiers, and the edges of the vast Sahara Desert, whilst leading our Algerian Colours tour.

From Samarkand to the Aral Sea

WF client, Jacqueline recounts her experiences along the Silk Road as she travels through Uzbekistan, from the haunting landscapes of the Aral Sea to the glittering architecture of Samarkand.

Erebus by Michael Palin Review

  • 9th October 2018

Michael Palin comes up with an entertaining and highly readable history of HMS Erebus, most famous for the ill-fated Franklin expedition.

Six of the Best: Walks

  • 8th October 2018

We count down six of our favourite walks around the world and what makes them so special.

Q&A: Walking in Georgia's Svaneti Region

Located high up in the Caucasus, Svaneti is one of the most remote regions in Europe which has enabled it to maintain a direct link with its long history. WF's Meike talks us through her experiences of this beautiful place.

A to Z of Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most rewarding adventure travel destinations around. Dive into this country of lemurs, baobabs and even pirates with our A to Z guide.

14 Reasons Why You Should Visit Madagascar

We count down 14 of our favourite reasons why you should visit Madagascar.

My Impressions of Papua New Guinea

Wild Frontiers traveller Siobhan visited Papua New Guinea and found an enchanting land that made a lasting impression.

Just Back From... Georgia

Meike has recently returned from walking in the breathtaking scenery of the Svaneti mountains, one of Georgia's least visited regions.

Just Back From... Laos

Tara from WF's US office has just returned from exploring the Southeast Asian country of Laos, one of the region's undiscovered gems.

Just Back From... Silk Road Odyssey

WF's Charlie describes his journey through China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan whilst on our Silk Road Odyssey tour

My Silk Road Odyssey through Kyrgyzstan and China

WF tour leader Carly describes life in a yurt by Kyrgyzstan's Son Kul lake and the incredible array of sights, sounds and smells at Kashgar's famous market.

Best Family Adventure Tours

  • 10th September 2018

Traveling together as a family can be a fantastic experience. We've listed the best family adventure tours for you to travel with the ones you love.

Travels in Tibet: Xining to Lhasa

Tour Leader, Jude Holliday, describes the experiences of her journey across the Tibetan Plateau from Xining to Lhasa while leading our Across the Tibetan Steppe tour.

Meeting the new team

  • 5th September 2018

This June I had the chance to work out of the Wild Frontiers London office. I went into the week with a very short to-do list: Meet everyone on the team and understand their role within the company. Yep, that was it. But by the end of the week I accomplished so much more than I had ever expected.

Just Back From... Kyrgyzstan

Josh talks through his recent experiences while in Kyrgyzstan with Wild Frontiers.

Dancing on the Border (at the Wagah Closing Ceremony)

WF traveller Peter Heywood visited Wagah on the Karakoram Adventure tour in June 2018.

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