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Just back from Bali…

Southeast Asia expert April Cole has just got back from sunny Bali and she couldn't wait to share the highlights of her trip with us. From best of's to tips for travellers, here are some things you just won't want to miss.

Two Feet

Two Feet. It’s not far. The distance between your eyes and the screen you’re reading this is probably less. Two feet or 610mm is the distance between the rails, that is the gauge, of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the DHR.

Just Back From... Indonesia

Southeast Asia specialist Nathan discusses his recent recce to Indonesia, a destination very close to his heart.

The Crocodile Men of Papua New Guinea

WF tour leader Mark Steadman describes the incredible customs and traditions of the famous 'Crocodile Men' of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

My Impressions of Papua New Guinea

Wild Frontiers traveller Siobhan visited Papua New Guinea and found an enchanting land that made a lasting impression.

Just Back From... Laos

Tara from WF's US office has just returned from exploring the Southeast Asian country of Laos, one of the region's undiscovered gems.

Experiencing the Spirit of Laos

Mark Steadman describes his travels while leading our Laos Unlocked tour, and shares his thoughts on the development that is beginning to change the country.

Q & A: Visiting Borneo

Borneo has it all; pristine beaches, lush rain forest, abundant wildlife and a whole range of activities. Here's everything you need to know if you're planning a trip to the world's third largest island.

Laos Unlocked

Wild Frontiers traveller William Alexander recently visited Laos with Wanderlust World Guide Of The Year Mark Steadman. Here he talks about trekking to a cave in remote Laos.

The Lao people at work

Subsistence farming provides 80 percent of employment in Laos. Rice dominates agriculture, with about 80 percent of the arable land area used for growing rice. So this sets the scene for much of what we saw during our travels. We journeyed through Laos from Luang Prabang in the north to Khone Island in the south, often meandering alongside the mighty Mekong River, and saw the people of Laos working and living through a wide range of activities.

Experiencing a Fire Ceremony in Papua New Guinea

Our Head of Group Tour Operations, Jane, has just returned from Papua New Guinea to put the finishing touches to our upcoming 2018 trip. Here she describes the amazing spectacle of the Baining people's fire dance ceremony.

Six Reasons to Visit Myanmar

Magical Myanmar (Burma) offers so many varied highlights for the adventure traveller, from the temples and pagodas dotted throughout the country to the remote tribes, rivers and trekking opportunities ever present in its endless array of natural landscapes. Below our South East Asia specialist Natha…

An Insider's Guide to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Read our insider's guide to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) one of Asia's most beguiling countries and one of its last wild frontiers.

Tour in Focus: Myanmar (Burma) – Road to Mandalay

Our Tour in Focus blogs take an in-depth look at our best and most popular trips, highlighting what makes them unique and answering anything you may like to know. Often called the Land of Golden Pagodas, Myanmar offers colonial grandeur and timeless elegance. Our two week Road to Mandalay group t…

When to Visit Borneo

If you're thinking of visiting Borneo the start of the dry season (if you can have one in the rainforest) is May and opens the window to the best time to visit the country's wildlife areas. Towards the end of May it's the start of the fruiting season, which is the ideal time to see orangutans and ot…

Long Live the Longyi!

In Africa they are called Kikoys or even Chitenge, head to India and you find a Dhoti. Stay in the Pacific Islands and you will be wearing a Lap Lap or maybe a Lavalava, travel to Brazil and you are given a Kanga. In South Asia they have Malongs and Patoongs and in the Middle East they are known as …

Magical Myanmar

A wet and dreary December, with no sign of a beautiful cold, crisp, sunny, winter day in site; my bags were packed and a hot dry climate for Christmas was calling... and so to Magical Myanmar we go! Our adventure started on the 19th December and, to my surprise (given the small population of Christi…

Hotel Review: Borneo Rainforest Lodge

One of our most popular hotels in Borneo, Borneo Rainforest Lodge, is reopening in December after extensive refurbishment works to the property. Six of the deluxe chalets are also being upgraded and these works will be completed in April 2018, ensuring that one of the region’s most luxurious places to stay is even more so. Our South East Asia specialist Nathan visited the lodge last year, and he describes his stay below.

Laos Unlocked: the Plain of Jars and the Secret War

From 1964 to 1975 a Civil War was fought in Laos between the Communist Pathet Lao and the Royal Lao government. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War the activities of the superpowers in Laos were all but forgotten, the USA only officially acknowledging their part in what became known as the Secret Wa…

Blogging from the Road (Three): The Journey is Part of the Experience

Bats swirled eerily around my head as I peered through a crack in the rocks, revealing a shaft of brilliant light illuminating the mouth of the cave.  Stalagmites and stalactites edged the entrance like a set of ancient limestone jaws.  In the emerald lake below plate size silhouettes of fish rest…

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