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Chasing a total solar eclipse in Chile and Argentina

Chasing a total solar eclipse all the way to Chile and Argentina is adventurous, to say the least, but our clients Caroline and Alan detail just why the celestial event of the year was 'totally' worth it.

Just back from...Costa Rica

Meike recently got back from her tour of Costa Rica and, forever a fan of sustainable travel, was enthused to tell us all about her trip.

Just Back From...Guatemala

Fresh from his tour to Guatemala, Richard tells us all about the highlights of his trip.

The Benefits of Turtle Tourism

This World Turtle Day, Meike outlines the benefits of turtle conservation and how Costa Rica wildlife holidays are helping this endangered species.

Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is nailing sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism and responsible travel enthusiast Meike, finds out just why that is.

Just Back From...Chile & Argentina

Senior Travel Consultant Charlie talks about the highlights of his trip to Argentine and Chilean Patagonia including discovering the joys of asado and canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Visiting Patagonia in the Autumn

Wild Frontiers' Charlie discovers the benefits of travelling to Patagonia in the Autumn.

Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast

After a lovely couple of days in Tayrona National Park, where we explored the thick rainforest and wandered on endless deserted beaches, we headed along the coast to one of the county's most special tourist highlights.

Visiting Colombia’s Coffee Region

Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, sitting just behind Brazil and Vietnam. However, if you are talking quality rather than quantity, most people here will tell you Colombia is number one.

In Bogota: First Impressions of Colombia

Arriving into a country for the first time is always exciting, carrying as it does an air of expectation, and entering Colombia was no different.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ecuador

Who knew Ecuador had so many tricks up its sleeve?

Chile and its Landscapes: A Photo Blog

Here are just a few of those landscapes highlighted by our Product Manager, Anna, who recently returned from her first trip to this beautiful land.

Tour in Focus: Viva Colombia

Our tour in focus blogs take an in-depth look at what makes our signature trips special, and answers the most common questions our clients have. This time we take a look at our two week Viva Colombia tour. Colombia is a real highlight of Latin America, and is a destination that is rapidly becoming more popular, with something to appeal to every traveller. Here’s everything you need to know…

Five Reasons to Visit Colombia

One of the most diverse countries in Latin America, with landscapes ranging from sun-soaked Caribbean beaches to arid deserts and the lush green hills of the Zona Cafetera, and a culture encompassing ancient civilisations, colonial charm and sultry salsa, Colombia has a wealth of experiences to offer travellers. Here we take a look at our five favourite reasons to visit.

Just Back From: The Three Guianas

Our Group Tour Operations Manager Dan has just got back from our Three Guianas: Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana recce tour and he cannot stop talking about what an incredible time he had. Here he fills us in on some of the many highlights from the tour.

The Cultural Significance of Chocolate in Colombia

Colombia is home to some of the finest chocolate found anywhere on the planet. Here we take a look at why Cacao is such an important product in the country.

Mexico Magico

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world, because of its people, its culture, the bio-diversity, heritage, history and many other things… All these elements makes this a unique country and a very attractive destination for all kinds of tourism.

Travel Trends: Colombia

If you’re looking for the hottest new travel destination, look no further than Colombia, South America’s rising star. Here at Wild Frontiers, we've seen a big increase in travellers to South America, and Colombia is our most popular destination on the continent by far.

The Best of Chile: Atacama and Patagonia

On his recent recce trip to Chile, our Latin America consultant, James, had two new 'bests' - his best ever view and best overall travel experience. Find out more about a country with a burgeoning reputation in the world of travel.

Bolivia in Pictures

Steve and Amanda recently visited Bolivia with Wild Frontiers, sampling the country's vibrant culture, amazing scenery and wildlife. Here they talk us through their fantastic trip alongside their own photos.

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