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Just Back From... Uzbekistan

Josh recently had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan, taking in the Silk Road cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand as well as its modern capital of Tashkent. In this blog he describes his highlights, tips and favourite moments.

Just Back From... Chinese Silk Road

WF's Sara reports back from her recent time on our Chinese Taklamakan Adventure tour, describing her best bits and her tips to anyone following in her footsteps.

Yoga with Nomads at Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan

Antonia describes her time at Son Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan - an area of breathtaking natural beauty.

World Nomad Games 2018 - Opening Ceremony

WF tour leader, Antonia, describes the excitement and spectacle of the opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games 2018, which took place in Kyrgyzstan earlier this year.

Discovering Shipton's Arch

Sara describes her visit to the largest naturally formed arch in the world near the Chinese city of Kashgar.

Return to Xiahe, Gansu

WF's Sara recounts her first visit to the town of Xiahe 17 years ago, and describes the changes she found when she visited again while travelling with our Chinese Silk Road Taklamakan Adventure tour.

From Samarkand to the Aral Sea

WF client, Jacqueline recounts her experiences along the Silk Road as she travels through Uzbekistan, from the haunting landscapes of the Aral Sea to the glittering architecture of Samarkand.

Just Back From... Silk Road Odyssey

WF's Charlie describes his journey through China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan whilst on our Silk Road Odyssey tour

My Silk Road Odyssey through Kyrgyzstan and China

WF tour leader Carly describes life in a yurt by Kyrgyzstan's Son Kul lake and the incredible array of sights, sounds and smells at Kashgar's famous market.

Travels in Tibet: Xining to Lhasa

Tour Leader, Jude Holliday, describes the experiences of her journey across the Tibetan Plateau from Xining to Lhasa while leading our Across the Tibetan Steppe tour.

Just Back From... Kyrgyzstan

Josh talks through his recent experiences while in Kyrgyzstan with Wild Frontiers.

Dancing on the Border (at the Wagah Closing Ceremony)

WF traveller Peter Heywood visited Wagah on the Karakoram Adventure tour in June 2018.

Exploring the Pamir Highway and Wakhan Corridor pt.2

Following on from his first blog, Charlie Walker leads his group across the Tajik-Afghan border into the famous Wakhan Corridor.

Exploring the Pamir Highway and Wakhan Corridor pt.1

Charlie Walker leads his group through the wild borderlands of Tajikistan as they prepare for their crossing into Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.

Astana - A City of the Steppe

WF client, Peter Heywood, describes his visit to magnificently bizarre city of Astana , the capital of Kazakhstan.

How to travel the Silk Road

The Silk Road is one of the world’s most famous and evocative routes. Named after the trade which sprang up in response to the demand for Chinese silk, its origins can be traced back over 3000 years.

Just Back From... Japan

Wild Frontiers' James recently returned from Japan. Here he talks about some of the trip's highlights, from experiencing Japan's incredible cuisine, hiking along the Nakasendo Trail to being featured in a local newspaper and learning how to make soba noodles!

Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan: Homestays, Borders and Desert Storms

Tour leader, Carly Fillis, writes from the field about local hospitality and the fickle weather of the desert, as she leads our Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan: Cities of the Silk Road tour.

5 Reasons to Visit the World Nomad Games

This September, the 3rd annual World Nomad Games take place in Cholpon Ata on the shores of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. It's an incredible event and here are our five reasons why you should visit.

Tour in Focus: Silk Road Odyssey

Our Tour in Focus blog series takes an in-depth look at some of our most popular tours, highlighting what makes them different and answering the most common questions travellers might have. Here we look at one of our most popular tours along the Silk Road, the Silk Road Odyssey. Taking in many of the highlights along this historic route, from the endless grassy plains of the Kyrgyzstan steppe to the architectural wonders of Uzbekistan, this tour gives an overview of the culture and landscapes of Central Asia.

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