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Meet the Locals - Hong My

The extraordinary Nguyen Hong My is one of the many special characters you can meet with Wild Frontiers in South East Asia. For Hong My went from being a student to becoming one of Vietnam’s first fighter pilots in the Vietnam War. We met up with Hong recently and he told us a little bit about his extraordinary life.

Mr Nam's Letter from the Clintons

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have been singing the praises of our esteemed guide, Mr Nam based in Vietnam, which inspired the former President of the United States to reach out.

Is Vietnam safe to visit?

I get asked a lot if it’s safe to go to Vietnam, the truth is that this question goes much deeper than that. It’s about Americans wondering if those we used to see as enemies are now in fact welcoming hosts?

Hanging Out in Old Hanoi

The first time I visited Hanoi was in 2001. I spent most of my precious time going around the usual tourist sites and only had a glimpse of the Old Quarter. For me the Old Quarter was the best bit, and I left feeling I had missed the most fascinating part of Hanoi. So I’m glad to be back in Hanoi wh…

Pottering around Vietnam's tropical islands

Oh how I love to potter through tropical islands on a moped! For $7 hire and $5 fuel I was winging my way due south at a steady 35kph, on a wide red dust track running along next to the beach.  Phu Quoc is about 45 kms long and tear-drop shape, and on the east coast lies the lovely white sand Ba Sao…

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