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Why you should visit Pakistan right now

Pakistan has always been a Wild Frontiers favourite, but travel to Pakistan just got easier and more desirable than ever. Find out why now is the best time to visit.

Hindu Kush Adventure - Celebrating the Kalash Festival and Beyond

Tour Leader Carly, currently leading the Hindu Kush Festival Adventure in Pakistan, gives us a glimpse of this colourful festival in full swing.

Pakistan: North vs South

Pakistan is one of those countries that receive very bad press in the West, and yet I have to say, having visited the country twice, both the north and south, I have been met with nothing but kindness and hospitality by the people, and never felt anything other than a warm welcome.

Sufism & Southern Pakistan

Wild Frontiers' Jane explores the influence of Sufism in Pakistan following her recent visit on our Southern Pakistan tour.

The Corridor of Peace for Sikhs in India & Pakistan

Jane reports on her visit to Pakistan and the recent announcement on the opening of a 'Corridor of Peace' between India and Pakistan.

Dancing on the Border (at the Wagah Closing Ceremony)

WF traveller Peter Heywood visited Wagah on the Karakoram Adventure tour in June 2018.

Enlightenment at Fairy Meadows

WF traveller Peter Heywood visited Fairy Meadows on the Karakoram Adventure tour in June 2018.

Joining in with the Kalash's Joshi Festival

Hilary was fortunate enough to lead a Wild Frontiers tour in Pakistan during the Kalash's famous Joshi festival. She describes her experiences here.

22 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Pakistan

It may not be the first destination you think of but we believe Pakistan has so much to offer the willing traveller and here are 22 incredible photos to prove it.

Travelling with a Water-to-Go bottle in Pakistan

Before heading out to Pakistan to join our group on the Hindu Kush Festival Adventure tour, I was kitted out with one of our brand new Wild Frontiers Water-to-Go filter bottles.

Recipe: Karhai Ginger Chicken

We are very excited that Sumayya Usmani is leading a culinary tour of Pakistan for us. Here she shares one of her favourite recipes with us, Karhai Ginger Chicken, a staple in Pakistan.

Just Back From... Pakistan

After travelling on our Pakistan: Hindu Kush Festival Adventure tour, WF's Clem discusses her highlights of the trip including all her favourite experiences.

William Dalrymple in Pakistan

William Dalrymple recently travelled with his family to Pakistan as a guest with Wild Frontiers. Despite having visited Pakistan many times, this was his first encounter with the Kalash tribe.

Pakistani Roads: Reflections from the Hindu Kush

“Hehehe Pakistan roads” chuckles Nazeer as he slaps his palm on the weathered dash of our open-top Jeep. We are careening down a single-lane dirt road in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa: the northwest province of Pakistan, formerly known as the Northwest Frontier. To the west is the Afghan border, the tribal areas alongside Punjab lie to the south, and Gilgit-Baltistan beckons from the east. We are amidst the confluence of the three highest mountain ranges in the world - where Mother Nature’s power can be seen in its true, raw glory.

Journeying Along Pakistan's Karakoram Highway

Max Wood has just returned from Pakistan where he was leading our 'Karakoram Adventure: Kashgar to Kashmir' Tour. Read about his adventures in some of the world's most stunning scenery.

An Insider's City Guide to Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is Pakistan's second most populous city, as well as being its cultural and culinary centre. Home to magnificent examples of Mughal architecture and bustling markets, it's one of Asia's most fascinating cities.

How well do you know Pakistan? Take our quiz!

As Pakistan celebrates its 70th birthday, take our quiz to find out how much you know about the country.

Guide to Travelling in Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan is one of the most rewarding adventure travel experiences you can have. The country has had its up and downs recently so understandably many people have concerns about visiting. Wild Frontiers has been offering tours to this wonderful country for 15 years. Here we offer some practical tips and try to answer any concerns people may have about visiting Pakistan.

Back to Baltistan

The trip had been a great success. The group had been the perfect mix of ages – sexes, couples and singles – the weather had been glorious and the journey passed off without incident. Leaving the Kalash valleys we’d had fun in Chitral, where the first polo tournament of the season was taking plac…

The Kalash – Laying the First Stone

After the success of our Evening of Adventure at the Royal Geographical Society back in March, where on the night we raised over £7,000 for the Kalash flood defence wall, I was excited to get back to those heavenly valleys and lay the foundation stone. Saifullah Jan, the chief spokesperson for th…

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