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The 15 Best Places To Visit In Oman

Arguably one of the most underrated destinations in the Middle East, Oman has many hidden gems to be discovered for those who seek them.

What Does an Oman Travel Itinerary Look Like?

If rugged 4WD desert treks, ancient spice cities, nomadic Bedouins and wild camping under the stars appeal to you, then you’ll love the vast desert scapes in Oman.

Just back from...Oman

Just back from his Oman tour, Dan tells us all about the highlights of his trip.

The Kindness of Strangers in the Middle East

When I work or travel in the Middle East what I notice and love most are the acts of kindness, the unspoken give and take that seems to operate within society here.

Spending the Night on Wahiba Sands

A Monday in the Wahiba Sands of Oman is probably the best Monday you will have. After breaking our first night wild camping, shaking the dew from the tent we packed up and headed to the coast over miles and miles of dunes...

Oman Photo Diary

Wild Frontiers' client Steve Rencontre recently returned from a tour of Oman and has put together a photo-diary of his trip, including goat parades, dressing up and lost runners.

The Empty Quarter Desert - Rub al Khali

The Arabic name Rub al Khali means “empty quarter.” The name was given to it because it’s a huge stretch of unbroken sand desert that has bested kings, adventurers, and nomads for thousands of years.

Tour in Focus – Oman Desert Adventure

Our Tour in Focus blogs take an in-depth look at our most popular trips, looking at what makes them unique and answering anything you might need to know. Oman is one of our favourite destinations in the Middle East, and our Oman Desert Adventure tour is one of our bestselling trips in the area. Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the tour, as well as sharing the opinions of some of our clients.

Five reasons to visit Oman

We think that the Middle Eastern country of Oman has something to offer everyone, from those looking for a luxury stay to those wanting to get off the beaten track, and from culture vultures to adrenaline junkies. Here are our top five reasons to visit...

Q & A: Visiting Oman

Oman is one of our favourite Middle Eastern destinations to visit, a peaceful modern Arabic country with vast expanses of desert, dramatic fjords and an exciting capital city which blends traditional Arabic and Islamic styles. An excellent choice for a winter sun holiday, Oman also boasts a whole range of adventure activities and plenty of opportunities for a trip into the unknown. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from clients booking tours in Oman.

From the Port of Sur to Wahiba Sands

Our Middle East specialist Dan has just returned from a recce trip to Oman, where he spent time discovering some of the highlights of this Middle Eastern gem. Below Dan ventures from the port of Sur to Wadi Bani Khalid and onwards to Wahiba Sands...   After a very late evening spent under the star…

Just Back From: Oman

Middle East specialist Dan has just returned from Oman, where he spent time trying out shuwa, paragliding off a mountain and taking in the country's stunning scenery. Below he talks about his favourite moments from the trip...    Best view? It has to be watching the sunset over the desert at Wahib…

A Desert Adventure in Oman

With the current political issues affecting the central Sahara – in particular Niger and Libya – Oman offers probably the best option in the world for a true desert adventure. In fact, having experienced both of those places, and more across Africa’s endless desert region, I'm not sure what I …

Oman: Infinite Peace in the Empty Quarter

While wandering the world's largest sand-dune desert at night-time, Cally delights in shooting stars along with some entertaining little creatures on the desert floor. Cally is just back from tour leading our Oman Desert Christmas Adventure and reflects upon her time in the Empty Quarter. Our d…

Oman: Camping with Camels

Tour leader Cally Savage is just back from Oman Desert Christmas Adventure. Today we journey towards Wahiba sands and our first taste of our wild camping expedition. En route we spot a young man at the camel race track exercising some racing camels. He is riding a large white camel and is leading…

On the Road to Salalah

Today we’re leaving the desert, almost at the end of our Oman adventure, and heading south towards the border of Yemen and the capital of the Dhofar region, Salalah. Dhofar, with its historic frankincense trade, proximity to Yemen and old coastal trading links with East Africa has a different feel t…

The Legend of Rub’ al Khali

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Rub’ al Khali, the "Empty Quarter". This is the heartland of the nomadic Bedu tribes, made legendary by Wilfred Thesiger in his book ‘Arabian Sands’. Rub’ al Khali is one of the world’s largest and most famous deserts, covering a mind boggling 250,000 square mi…

Enjoying our Final Days in Oman's Desert

A stop at the checkpoint to enter the Empty Quarter and we saw our first black camels – what better place to try our first taste of camel milk. A surprisingly tasty frothy vanilla milkshake like taste – pass the bananas and strawberries please! Driving through rocky desolate paths through the Rub al…

Spotting Birds, Stars and Camels in the Omani Desert

Driving along some roads that were only built as few as two years ago, we were struck by the changing landscape as we made our way towards Wahiba Sands. Some of the roads were only dirt tracks a mere month ago, a testimony to the huge infrastructure development in the past forty years in this countr…

Christmas Eve in Muscat

Day one of our Oman adventure started off by visiting Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques in the Arab world and can hold approximately 20,000 Muslims in its ornate prayer room. The specialist work of the craftsmen is prevalent everywhere, from th…

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