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Best time to visit Madagascar

Before you travel, consult our monthly guide to the Madagascan climate, weather and events. The following guide will help you decide when the best time of the year to visit Madagascar is.

Amazing Things to do in Madagascar

Madagascar is rightly famous for its lemurs and other wildlife but there are amazing things to do if you visit this island paradise. Learn more.

What is Madagascar Famous For

Madagascar is one of the most rewarding adventure travel destinations around. Dive into this country of lemurs, baobabs and even pirates with our A to Z guide.

14 Reasons Why You Should Visit Madagascar

We count down 14 of our favourite reasons why you should visit Madagascar.

Walking in Madagascar

One of the most interesting aspects of travelling around Madagascar is enjoying the dramatic landscapes the country has to offer. With magmatic volcanic rock predominant in the north, granite running down the centre and east and limestone prevalent in the southwest, the country is a veritable cornucopia of differing topographies, all of which offer wonderful walking locations.

Christmas in Madagascar

If you are going to be away for Christmas you might as well do something completely different, this year we certainly did that. As per the French tradition celebrations started on Christmas Eve. Staying at a lovely lodge right on the beach, we had a special dinner of lobster and turkey washed down with champagne. We pulled crackers we had brought from the UK and wore silly paper hats. Sitting on a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean was pretty memorable but it was Christmas Day that was really special.

Madagascar - First Impressions

Travelling in any new country is exciting and arriving into Madagascar was no exception. That said, my first observations of the world’s fourth largest island were somewhat confused. In some ways this intriguing country is totally African but in others it is very much Asian. The red earth, the brightly painted shops that line the streets and the flowering flame trees are unmistakably Africa but the terraced paddy fields, the bullock carts, the auto-rickshaws and the people, most of whom are descended from intrepid Malay boatpeople that started to arrive here two thousand years ago, all put you in mind of Asia.

Just Back From: Madagascar

Africa specialist Peter has just returned from Madagascar on a two week recce of this unique and fascinating island. Below he talks about his favourite moments from the trip, including visiting the community project at Anja Park, enjoying the views in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park and relaxing at…

Why Visit Madagascar?

To round off this series of blogs I would like to take a slight deviation from the norm of telling you what I did in Madagascar and focus on why you should be going instead. Naturally this is not an exhaustive list of the reasons, but instead what I feel makes Madagascar such a captivating travel de…

Anja Park - Community Conservation in Action

Africa specialist Peter has just returned from Madagascar, where he visited the wonderful Anja Park community project...   After 11 years in the travel industry I have always been wary of "buzzwords" that are thrown around and descriptions such a 'Boutique Hotel' and 'Multi-Generational Travel' …

Scrambling up the Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar

Africa specialist Peter is currently in Madagascar and recounts his experience of visiting Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park below... Africa is home to some of the planet's most extraordinary geological features and I have been fortunate enough to visit many of them. Namibia's stunning Damaralan…

Madagascar: A Pirate's Paradise

When one thinks of pirates, the Caribbean usually springs to mind, with images of Spanish galleons being plundered off the coast of the Americas. However, the island of Madagascar had equally close links with piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. At the time, the Indian Ocean was mostly ruled by th…

Tour in Focus: Madagascar Encompassed

Our Tour in Focus blogs take an in-depth look at our best and most popular trips, highlighting what makes them unique and answering anything you may like to know. Madagascar truly is a bucket-list island, incredibly rich in unique wildlife, but also offering a wealth of other out of this world trav…

Walking in the Tsingy

On an island as unique as Madagascar, nothing I have experienced in all my travels compares to the utter uniqueness of the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. This incredible mineral forest is a designated World Heritage Site and stands on the western coast of Madagascar. Tsingy is the Malagasy wor…

Madagascar's Beautiful Baobabs

Head of Group Tours Marc has just returned from a two week recce around Madagascar. Below he talks about the appeal of the country's fascinating baobab trees. It seems that everyone likes a good baobab and that they invite universal acclaim a bit like the Taj Mahal... or penguins. What is it t…

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