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Blogging from the Wild

Things to Do Outside Luang Prabang

As much as Travel Consultant Tara loves Luang Prabang, she tells us just how fulfilling it is to push the boundaries to discover the lesser-known hidden gems of Laos.

How To Get Off The Beaten Path in Luang Prabang, Laos

Travel Consultant Tara from our US office has put together a useful list of the best ways to get off the beaten track in Luang Prabang, Laos and engage in an authentic and meaningful way.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel in the “Rainy” Season

Although most travel books say you should avoid the rainy sesason in Laos, we think that they shouldn't be overlooked. Here's why you should consider traveling during Laos' rain season.

What to expect from Laos’s Visa on Arrival Process

Most travelers will need a visa for Laos, and visas are issued on arrival. Here's what to expect from Lao's visa on arrival process.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Laos

I thought that it might be informative for some of you that are interested in traveling to Luang Prabang, Laos to learn some of the basics concerning Lao culture and the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” associated with the customs of the people’s traditions and daily lives.

Just Back From... Laos

Tara from WF's US office has just returned from exploring the Southeast Asian country of Laos, one of the region's undiscovered gems.

Experiencing the Spirit of Laos

Mark Steadman describes his travels while leading our Laos Unlocked tour, and shares his thoughts on the development that is beginning to change the country.

Laos Unlocked

Wild Frontiers traveller William Alexander recently visited Laos with Wanderlust World Guide Of The Year Mark Steadman. Here he talks about trekking to a cave in remote Laos.

The Lao people at work

Subsistence farming provides 80 percent of employment in Laos. Rice dominates agriculture, with about 80 percent of the arable land area used for growing rice. So this sets the scene for much of what we saw during our travels. We journeyed through Laos from Luang Prabang in the north to Khone Island in the south, often meandering alongside the mighty Mekong River, and saw the people of Laos working and living through a wide range of activities.

Laos Unlocked: the Plain of Jars and the Secret War

From 1964 to 1975 a Civil War was fought in Laos between the Communist Pathet Lao and the Royal Lao government. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War the activities of the superpowers in Laos were all but forgotten, the USA only officially acknowledging their part in what became known as the Secret Wa…

Blogging from the Road (Three): The Journey is Part of the Experience

Bats swirled eerily around my head as I peered through a crack in the rocks, revealing a shaft of brilliant light illuminating the mouth of the cave.  Stalagmites and stalactites edged the entrance like a set of ancient limestone jaws.  In the emerald lake below plate size silhouettes of fish rest…

Laos Unlocked

An autumn chill is in the air as I leave the flat for a walk on Hampstead Heath.  The leaves are turning from yellow to burnished gold, and the silence is complete, except for the sound of leaves stirring in the trees and the echo of a dog barking in the distance. It is a peculiarly British scene, …

Blogging from the Road (Two): Caves of Sacrifice

If dawn beside Kong Lor Cave is my favourite place to wake up in Laos, my favourite place to fall sleep would be Vieng Xai, nestled among the towering limestone karsts, surrounded by the secret cave city that plotted the revolution. For nine years bombs rained down on the north eastern, central and …

Blogging from the Road (One): Dawn Storms & Fuel Tank Boats

Ever wondered how a new tour comes together? After our successful trip in the wilds of northern Laos earlier this year - experiencing the unique spectacle of ‘Laos on ice’, my Laos - loving clients asked for a southern equivalent. So once the term at Lone Buffalo came to a close, I packed my tru…

Wilder Laos Part Two: A Tropical Ice Adventure

Mark Steadman and his group get caught in the ice in far northern Laos... We already knew that our river journey to Phongsali in Laos’s far north would have to be broken by the Chinese dam that now reduces the flow of the Ou River to a trickle in places. Our plan was to drive to the other side of…

Wilder Laos

After falling in love with Laos’ laid back charm and stunning natural beauty, the WF travellers on my Laos Unlocked recce tour in 2014 asked me to put together a follow up trip to explore the wild northern areas. Here’s how we got on – it didn’t always go to plan... Eighty per cent mountainous, w…

A Journey of Understanding: Travelling Through Laos

Tourists go to places. Travellers journey there. It’s this distinction that separates camera-waving visitors crammed into touristy restaurants from small groups, sharing smiles and noodles with local villagers. The journey to a destination should be absorbed; it provides the key to understanding the…

Exploring the One Hundred Waterfalls in Laos

Frank Krievs travelled to Northern Laos on a tailor-made holiday with Wild Frontiers in February to mark his 60th birthday. Below he talks about day 10 of his trip... Each day I wake up thinking it cannot possibly get better than the last, but today was simply awesome, challenging and mind blowin…

Exploring Laos by Boat

Frank Krievs travelled to Northern Laos on a tailor-made holiday with Wild Frontiers in February to mark his 60th birthday. Below he talks about day 8 of his trip... Today is the first day of two major trips down the Nam Ou river. We set off in the van and drive approximately 20km to the village …

Exploring Central Laos

There was a collective ‘wow’ as we headed for the chink of light, exiting the cave in our long tail boats. We’ve just spent the last hour in near darkness on an underground river – welcome to central Laos… Northern Laos' appeal is instant; stunning mountain scenery, dusty villages, mysterious Sto…

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