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Yoga with Nomads at Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan

Antonia describes her time at Son Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan - an area of breathtaking natural beauty.

World Nomad Games 2018 - Opening Ceremony

WF tour leader, Antonia, describes the excitement and spectacle of the opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games 2018, which took place in Kyrgyzstan earlier this year.

Just Back From... Silk Road Odyssey

WF's Charlie describes his journey through China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan whilst on our Silk Road Odyssey tour

My Silk Road Odyssey through Kyrgyzstan and China

WF tour leader Carly describes life in a yurt by Kyrgyzstan's Son Kul lake and the incredible array of sights, sounds and smells at Kashgar's famous market.

Just Back From... Kyrgyzstan

Josh talks through his recent experiences while in Kyrgyzstan with Wild Frontiers.

How to travel the Silk Road

The Silk Road is one of the world’s most famous and evocative routes. Named after the trade which sprang up in response to the demand for Chinese silk, its origins can be traced back over 3000 years.

5 Reasons to Visit the World Nomad Games

This September, the 3rd annual World Nomad Games take place in Cholpon Ata on the shores of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. It's an incredible event and here are our five reasons why you should visit.

Tour in Focus: Silk Road Odyssey

Our Tour in Focus blog series takes an in-depth look at some of our most popular tours, highlighting what makes them different and answering the most common questions travellers might have. Here we look at one of our most popular tours along the Silk Road, the Silk Road Odyssey. Taking in many of the highlights along this historic route, from the endless grassy plains of the Kyrgyzstan steppe to the architectural wonders of Uzbekistan, this tour gives an overview of the culture and landscapes of Central Asia.

A to Z of the Silk Road

The Silk Road was one of the world’s most important trade routes, traversing deserts, mountains and plains from China to Constantinople with branches down to India, the Middle East and North Africa. More than just goods, the Silk Road transported religion, culture and ideas between east and west. In our A to Z we take a look at some of the key people, places and events in the history of the Silk Road.

Top Five Places to Visit on the Silk Road

Interest in the Silk Road is growing rapidly, with travellers intrigued by the ancient routes which saw the exchange of goods, religion and ideas between east and west. The routes cover such vast areas that it can be difficult to decide where to visit, so we’ve put together a list of the top five places to see on the Silk Road, from cultural hotspots to incredible landscapes.

Russian Saunas & Local Vodka in Kyrgyzstan

Alison Baxter retells some of her adventures from her recent Wild Mountains and Fabled Towns tour, including rustic saunas and local vodka.

Sogdians and Spices in Samarkand

The final post from Hilary Napier as she ends her 'Silk Road: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan - Wild Mountains, Fabled Towns' tour by enjoying the sights in the ancient city of Samarkand.

New Best Friends in Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan

Hilary Napier continues her story as she travels from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, making plenty of friends along the way.

Horse Games in Kyrgyzstan

Hilary describes the incredible horsemanship of nomads in Kyrgyzstan as she leads our Silk Road: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan - Wild Mountains, Fabled Towns trip.

What is staying in a yurt really like?

Wild Frontiers' Michael talks about what's it's like staying in a yurt camp in Central Asia. If you want to experience staying in a yurt, the two best destinations to try it are probably Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. On our tours to Kyrgyzstan, Wild Frontiers uses camps in Son Kul, set right on the shore…

Horsing Around in Kyrgyzstan

The World Nomad Games are currently taking place in Kyrgyzstan. Michael Pullman recently returned from our Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan tour and witnessed first-hand some of the amazing horsemanship of the region. The yurt camp Wild Frontiers uses in Son Kul has a beautiful setting on the shores of the…

The Nomad Trail: Riding Through Kyrgyzstan

The guys welcomed us back to Kyrgyzstan for our third ride, with bear-hugs. Skirting Bishkek we headed East towards sunrise and Karakol. Marat received a call about some ‘Hunters’ Games’ so we joined the snaking dust cloud from Lake Issy Kul towards the high Bozsalkyn Valley where hundreds had…

Horsing Around in Kyrgyzstan

Tour Leader Hilary Napier blogs live from the yurt, while leading our group along the beautifully scenic Kyrgyzstan Explorer tour. Woken by snuffling and chomping outside my yurt but inches from my ear. Day already in full swing as Norgul is milking a cow for my latte. Post doughnuts and porridge …

A Beautiful Day for a Picnic

Tour leader Hilary Napier is live blogging from our Kyrgyzstan Explorer tour. Replete with pancakes, maize kasha, omelettes and homemade raspberry jam, we set out to walk the seven lakes of Sary Chelek. We passed through alpine meadows with white stem-roses, potentilla and other yellow flowers tha…

Kyrgyzstan’s Last Eagle Hunters

Davina from our sales team reminisces over a unique experience had on our Kyrgyzstan Explorer tour. Hunting with eagles in the Eurasian Steppe can be traced back to the first or second millennium BC. The fact that this traditional form of falconry is still used today by some Kyrgyz and Kazakh peo…

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