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Five books that will make you fall in love with Jordan

They say a picture paints a thousand words but a thousand words can also paint one incredible picture. Here at Wild Frontiers, we love nothing more than delving into the pages of books about our favourite destinations, so whether you've been before or are planning to go, choose from this eclectic mix of reads all featuring fascinating Jordan. From personal stories to context-setting history, adventurous escapades and even a good old fashioned whodunnit, there's something for every book worm - enjoy!

A guide to visiting Petra

Appearing on numerous top-travel destinations lists, one of the new seven wonders of the world, Petra, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, is surprisingly easy to get to and affordable to visit.

A Lion Hunt

An unlikely lion hunt on her Jordan tour gave Hannah and her group their very own Indiana Jones experience right in the city of Petra.

The 13 Best Things To Do In Jordan

Whatever your interests, there’s certainly plenty to see and do here, some of which we’ll look at forthwith

Best Time to Visit Jordan

If you're planning a trip, find the best time to visit Jordan. What are the best things to do in Jordan, and what will the weather be like?

Things to know before travelling to Jordan

You might have an idea of where to visit in Jordan, or have a tour booked already, but here are a few helpful things to know before you set off on your travels.

What Does a Jordan Tour Itinerary Look Like?

Jordan offers a wealth of natural and historical attractions for adventurous travellers, including the famous rock-carved city of Petra, but what does a Jordan Itinerary look like exactly?

The 8 Best Places To Visit in Jordan

With numerous fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit, incredible food to sample and heaps of amazing culture to get to grips with, there has never been a better time to visit Jordan. Here at Wild Frontiers, we have highlighted the best places to visit in Jordan.

A home from home in Jordan

Tour leader Carly shares her experience of a homestay in Jordan, one full of traditional food and hospitality!

My return to Jordan

Having spent many months working in Jordan and also many months travelling and visiting over the years for pleasure I was more than happy to lead again in one of my favourite regions in the world.

A Desert Oasis in Jordan

Arriving after a long, satisfying walk through part of the iconic Jordan Trail from Dana to Feynan we arrived at our desert eco lodge for the night. Set in perfect keeping with the desert surroundings, it appeared like a mirage, almost camouflaged by the rocks.

Just Back From: Jordan

WF MD Jonny recently spent a week in Jordan. Below he looks back at the highlights of his trip and why he wholeheartedly thinks that now is a great time to visit. If you'd like to visit Jordan, take a look at our Jordan holidays.   Best view Into the Dana Gorge – this is a surprisingly…

Jordan: Beguiling Middle East

WF MD Jonny visited Jordan last week and looks back at the final day of a fantastic trip below... I woke up yesterday with the most magnificent view. From the comfortable double bed in a very smart tent, I could see out across the desert sands to the towering sandstone rocks that were glowing red…

Visiting Petra Away From the Crowds

While travelling every now and again you have one of those days that is pretty much perfect; when, from sun up to sun down, you are constantly being surprised and amazed by the world in which we live. Yesterday was just such a day. Leaving Dana early we arrived at the main entrance to Petra in th…

Why Now is a Great Time to Visit Jordan

WF MD Jonny is currently visiting Jordan and discovering why now is a great time to go if you want to explore amazing sights without the crowds. The first thing that strikes you as a tourist in Jordan, is that there are no other tourists. That is sad for many reasons of course, but most of all be…

First Time in Jordan

Sales team member Natalie has recently been on a trip to Jordan, organised by the Jordanian tourist board. On arrival in Jordan, for what was to be my first taste of the Middle East, I genuinely did not know what to expect. We were immediately greeted at the airport by our passionate and endearin…

Camping in the Wadi Rum

This blog was written by Charlotte Hopkinson, who accompanied our recent Jordan: Ride Wadi Rum tour. It's our last night camping out under the stars, deep in the desert of Wadi Rum, and it's turning out to be even more magical than any of us could have imagined. Our Bedouin hosts, Aied and Sulema…

Sharing Tea with a Bedouin Shepherd

This blog was written by Cally Savage, who accompanied our recent Jordan: Ride Wadi Rum tour. Riding through the desert mesmerised by the vast beauty and stunning stillness of the surrounding landscape, a collective 'ah' was broken by the girls in the group at the sight of a herd of cute goats wi…

Horse Riding in Jordan

It’s very rare for me to be asked to lead a trip more than once, but when I got the nod from Jonny and Marc to say that I would be heading back to Jordan, a little wave of excitement definitely passed through me. Jordan is a fascinating country and last time I was here I made some good friends so it…

Ade Summers - Enjoying a breather in Jordan

I just back from an amazing desert adventure. It is sort of good to be back in the hustle and bustle of Amman. Its fun exploring the small back street market of downtown Amman. There's a real energy here with everybody going about their business of buying and selling. It's noisy, busy and exciting. …

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