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Just Back From... Uzbekistan

Josh recently had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan, taking in the Silk Road cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand as well as its modern capital of Tashkent. In this blog he describes his highlights, tips and favourite moments.

Six of the Best: Walks

  • 8th October 2018

We count down six of our favourite walks around the world and what makes them so special.

14 Reasons Why You Should Visit Madagascar

We count down 14 of our favourite reasons why you should visit Madagascar.

Just Back From... Kyrgyzstan

Josh talks through his recent experiences while in Kyrgyzstan with Wild Frontiers.

Indian Cuisine Q&A with Romy Gill

Renowned chef and restaurant owner, Romy Gill, discusses her love of India's mouthwatering cuisine, its impact on her life and Indian culture. Plus she talks about her excitement about leading her upcoming Taste of India tour with Wild Frontiers

17 Photos That Show Why Georgia is Europe's Hottest Destination in 2018

A selection of 17 amazing photos of Georgia - Europe's hottest travel destination in 2018.

Six of the Best: Canyons

  • 4th July 2018

Canyons provide us with some of the world’s great natural scenes, from the rugged and awe-inspiring to colourful and picturesque. Join us as we take a look at six of our favourites from around the world.

22 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Pakistan

It may not be the first destination you think of but we believe Pakistan has so much to offer the willing traveller and here are 22 incredible photos to prove it.

Six of the Best: Waterfalls

  • 2nd May 2018

There are few sights on earth that demonstrate the raw power of nature quite like a waterfall – it’s no surprise that legends sprang up around the falls, the ones below include gods, lovers and murder. Thousands of tonnes of water flowing at breakneck speed over cliff edges, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Five Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country rich in history, culture and nature. It is home to the Queen of Sheba’s palace, ancient rock-hewn churches and perhaps even the Ark of the Covenant itself. It was difficult to only pick five reasons why you need to visit Ethiopia but here they are…

FCO Lifts Travel Bans in Ethiopia and Kenya

We're delighted to say that the FCO have lifted their travel restrictions for the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia and Lamu Island in Kenya.

Last Minute Getaways for Summer 2017

  • 23rd May 2017

The year may be halfway through, but if you haven’t arranged any holidays plans over the summer months yet, don’t despair. We offer a number of adventures in Europe which are perfect for last-minute getaways: most don’t require a visa; they are just a short-haul flight away; you can travel for one w…

Quiz: The World's Strangest Buildings

  • 22nd May 2017

Do you think you know all about world architecture? Why not have a go at our quiz on the locations, uses and fun facts about some of the world's weirdest and most wonderful constructions!   Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],DIV[quiz]'); if(ql){if(ql.l…

Sunita's Competition Winning Biryani Recipe

Biryani remains one of the most popular and well-known Indian dishes around the world but its origins are disputed. Popular in the southern states of India, some say it was created by the Mughals, whilst others believe it may have been brought to India by Arab traders. What is not in doubt, is that …

Amazing Things to do in Madagascar

Madagascar is rightly famous for its lemurs and other wildlife but there are amazing things to do if you visit this island paradise. Learn more.

Six of the Best: Christmas Traditions Around the World

  • 14th December 2015

We take a look at six of the best Christmas traditions from around the world. Covering the funny, interesting and downright bizarre!

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