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Visiting Aurangabad

In his last post from India, Jonny describes the incredible cave temple complexes at Ajanta and Ellora, and a great alternative to the Taj Mahal.

A Short Stay in Burhanpur

Jonny describes his visit to the town of Burhanpur, an intriguing place boasting an impressive Mughal palace and countless temples and mosques.

Back to Bijaipur to Catch Up With Old Friends

During his visit to Rajasthan, Jonny visits some old friends at the amazing Castle Bijaipur to catch up and reminisce.

Why we travel

  • 9th August 2018

The tragic events in Tajikistan last week, where American round-the-world cyclists Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan were run down by terrorists claiming allegiance to so-called Islamic State, has got me thinking. Although it may sound surprising, I don’t find Jay and Lauren’s travels particularly unusual. But their tragic end, I did.

A View From Tehran: Tourism, Tensions and Trump

Wild Frontiers Founder Jonny Bealby found himself in Tehran as Donald Trump cancelled the nuclear agreement and vowed to reimpose sanctions against Iran. Here he reports from Tehran.

Esfahan - Half the World

The last time I was in Esfahan was May 8th 1997. And now I am back again, exactly 21 years later. Has it changed?... 'Half the world', was how one French traveller described the city when passing through in the 16th century, and for good reason.

In Iran, With the World's Most Civilised People

Among the well-informed travelling community, the people of Iran have a reputation as one of the most friendly, hospitable and cultured peoples of the world. And within less than a day in this fascinating country, I had already had first hand experience of these famed characteristics.

Walking in Madagascar

One of the most interesting aspects of travelling around Madagascar is enjoying the dramatic landscapes the country has to offer. With magmatic volcanic rock predominant in the north, granite running down the centre and east and limestone prevalent in the southwest, the country is a veritable cornucopia of differing topographies, all of which offer wonderful walking locations.

Christmas in Madagascar

If you are going to be away for Christmas you might as well do something completely different, this year we certainly did that. As per the French tradition celebrations started on Christmas Eve. Staying at a lovely lodge right on the beach, we had a special dinner of lobster and turkey washed down with champagne. We pulled crackers we had brought from the UK and wore silly paper hats. Sitting on a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean was pretty memorable but it was Christmas Day that was really special.

Madagascar - First Impressions

Travelling in any new country is exciting and arriving into Madagascar was no exception. That said, my first observations of the world’s fourth largest island were somewhat confused. In some ways this intriguing country is totally African but in others it is very much Asian. The red earth, the brightly painted shops that line the streets and the flowering flame trees are unmistakably Africa but the terraced paddy fields, the bullock carts, the auto-rickshaws and the people, most of whom are descended from intrepid Malay boatpeople that started to arrive here two thousand years ago, all put you in mind of Asia.

The Andaman Islands

Few things get the world’s travel press excited like the opening of a smart, new hotel in an exotic paradise where previously there were none. When the Taj Group announced that is was going to open a new property on the Andaman Islands, journalists were abuzz; at least three contacted me asking if we’d be able to offer them a trip. With great publicity guaranteed, I thought I’d better go and see for myself what all the fuss was about… a tough job as they say, but someone has to do it.

Kolkata: City of Joy, City of Life

Kolkata is a city on the move. And this time in the right direction.

Bundi – Rajasthan’s Hidden Gem

With the increasing numbers of tourists visiting Rajasthan, it’s refreshing to explore a town that has remained largely off the tourist trail. Bundi is one of the oldest towns in the Land of Kings. Founded in the early part of the 15th century as a stronghold against marauding Maratha warriors from what is now Madhya Pradesh, it is a town steeped in history.

Gorilla Trekking with Kate Humble in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In his second post from the heart of Africa, Jonny and Kate Humble are searching for lowland gorillas in the DRC.

Chimp Trekking in Rwanda with Kate Humble

WF's founder, Jonny Bealby, is travelling through Rwanda, the heart of Africa, searching for chimps and gorillas with Kate Humble. In his first blog he talks of their search for chimps in Nyungwe Forest.

Staying at Castle Bijaipur

Jonny Bealby first discovered Castle Bijaipur back in 2002. Since then he have been back countless times and it’s fair to say it’s one of his favourite places to stay in India.

Reflections on India at 70

As India celebrates 70 years of independence WF MD Jonny Bealby reflects on how the country has changed over the past few decades…

Back to Baltistan

The trip had been a great success. The group had been the perfect mix of ages – sexes, couples and singles – the weather had been glorious and the journey passed off without incident. Leaving the Kalash valleys we’d had fun in Chitral, where the first polo tournament of the season was taking plac…

The Kalash – Laying the First Stone

After the success of our Evening of Adventure at the Royal Geographical Society back in March, where on the night we raised over £7,000 for the Kalash flood defence wall, I was excited to get back to those heavenly valleys and lay the foundation stone. Saifullah Jan, the chief spokesperson for th…

Return to Pakistan

WF MD Jonny has just finished leading our Hindu Kush Festival Adventure group tour in Pakistan. Below he reflects on returning to the country where he led his first group tour almost twenty years ago...   Looking down at the snowy peaks of the Hindu Kush from the window of my plane this morning …

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