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Corona Virus: A Tour Operator's View

  • 5th March 2020

Over the course of the past 20 years I have had to help steer Wild Frontiers through some seismic events. Born off the back of 9/11, we’ve had to deal with SARS, a world financial crisis, a Russian invasion of the Caucasus, the Icelandic ash cloud, the Arab Spring and Brexit, to name a few.

The Colourful Characters of Guatemala

On Jonny's recent return trip to Guatemala, he's reminded of the beauty of the country and the colourful characters that he meets this time around.

Wild Frontiers Roots

  • 5th February 2020

Jonny Bealby, travel writer and founder and CEO of Wild Frontiers, shares his story of how the company came to be.

100 Lessons from 100 Countries

  • 18th November 2019

After recently checking off his 100th country, Jonny reflects on the 100 things he's learnt from his travels.

Meet the Locals - Saifullah

We start our Meet the Locals focus with the man who inspired it all, Jonny's friend and representative of Pakistan's Kalash people - meet Saifullah...

Pakistan - Tourism on the Up

In light of Will and Kate's Royal visit to Pakistan, Wild Frontiers founder Jonny reflects on tourism in the country over the years.

My Adventure Travel Awakening

Jonny shares with us the moment he became addicted to adventure travel, as often happens, completely by accident.

Flores and the Island of Dragons

Named Flowers by 16th-century Portuguese colonists, who were amazed by the island’s lush and fragrant forests, the island of Flores is today a traveller’s dream.

Sunrise Over Borobudur

Founder Jonny tells us all about his adventures ticking off Borobudur and Prambanan temples off his bucket list.

Off the Beaten Path in Siem Reap

While Founder Jonny Bealby has been working in our Cambodia office, he's discovered the best off-the-beaten-path activities for the ever-popular tourist destination of Siem Reap.

Is it safe to visit Kashmir?

It’s been nearly three weeks since hostilities broke out between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, and a more than a week since they thankfully abated. Our founder Jonny, shares his thoughts on the situation.

Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast

After a lovely couple of days in Tayrona National Park, where we explored the thick rainforest and wandered on endless deserted beaches, we headed along the coast to one of the county's most special tourist highlights.

Visiting Colombia’s Coffee Region

Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, sitting just behind Brazil and Vietnam. However, if you are talking quality rather than quantity, most people here will tell you Colombia is number one.

In Bogota: First Impressions of Colombia

Arriving into a country for the first time is always exciting, carrying as it does an air of expectation, and entering Colombia was no different.

Join Wild Frontiers as we tour the U.S. Travel Show circuit

  • 13th December 2018

Join Wild Frontiers as we take a break from the Silk Road, South America and Southeast Asia and spend some time traveling around the U.S. for three great travel shows in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles in early 2019.

Visiting Aurangabad

In his last post from India, Jonny describes the incredible cave temple complexes at Ajanta and Ellora, and a great alternative to the Taj Mahal.

A Short Stay in Burhanpur

Jonny describes his visit to the town of Burhanpur, an intriguing place boasting an impressive Mughal palace and countless temples and mosques.

Back to Bijaipur to Catch Up With Old Friends

During his visit to Rajasthan, Jonny visits some old friends at the amazing Castle Bijaipur to catch up and reminisce.

Why we travel

  • 9th August 2018

The tragic events in Tajikistan last week, where American round-the-world cyclists Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan were run down by terrorists claiming allegiance to so-called Islamic State, has got me thinking. Although it may sound surprising, I don’t find Jay and Lauren’s travels particularly unusual. But their tragic end, I did.

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