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Pakistan: North vs South

Pakistan is one of those countries that receive very bad press in the West, and yet I have to say, having visited the country twice, both the north and south, I have been met with nothing but kindness and hospitality by the people, and never felt anything other than a warm welcome.

Sufism & Southern Pakistan

Wild Frontiers' Jane explores the influence of Sufism in Pakistan following her recent visit on our Southern Pakistan tour.

The Corridor of Peace for Sikhs in India & Pakistan

Jane reports on her visit to Pakistan and the recent announcement on the opening of a 'Corridor of Peace' between India and Pakistan.

Experiencing a Fire Ceremony in Papua New Guinea

Our Head of Group Tour Operations, Jane, has just returned from Papua New Guinea to put the finishing touches to our upcoming 2018 trip. Here she describes the amazing spectacle of the Baining people's fire dance ceremony.

Breathtaking Lhasa

  • 13th June 2016

Our head of group tour operations, Jane, has dipped back into her tour leading days and is off leading our tour Across the Tibetan Steppe. Reaching Lhasa has always been challenging. Back at the end of the 19th century many foreigners tried in vain to reach the fabled city but were thwarted by th…

The Practicalities of Visiting Algeria

Head of Group Tour Operations Jane has just returned from leading our Algerian Colours group tour and talks below about what it's like to visit this North African country. Algeria is little visited by tourists in North Africa which is surprising given the diversity of the landscape and the archit…

Visiting Baleygon School in Pakistan

On the day trip from Khaplu to the Hushe Valley we were lucky enough to be able to visit the local school in Baleygon sponsored by Wild Frontiers. The weather was bright and sunny and the journey took us through a series of rural villages in the process of harvesting their wheat. There was lots o…

The Friendly Policemen of Pakistan

The Pakistani people are a delight – warm, friendly and incredibly hospitable. Our two American clients talked about adopting an honourary Canadian status at the start of the tour believing that they would not be flavour of the month, but they have been bowled over by the reception they have receive…

Trip to Fairy Meadows

The trip to Fairy Meadows is one that demands courage and stamina. The jeep ride from Raikot Bridge is a white knuckle ride with plenty of adrenaline rushes.

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