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On the Karakorum: The Hunza

Edward J. Taylor travelled on the Karakorum Adventure tour with us and shares his experience in the gorgeous Hunza.

The after parties of the after life

  • 31st October 2019

Halloween was once a holiday of remembrance for the dead, but in some places around the world, celebrating death is a huge cultural tradition.

Who are the Kalash?

Here at Wild Frontiers, we have a special relationship with the Kalash tribe of northern Pakistan, but who are they?

Why travel is a great way to improve your mental health

  • 10th October 2019

This World Mental Health Day we look at the benefits that travel can have on your mental wellbeing.

The Novelty of Nothingness in Mongolia

Across the scenic steppe of Mongolia, there appears to be little else but a vast amount of emptiness, poised to be filled...

The Best Coffee in the World (according to Wild Frontiers)

  • 1st October 2019

Happy International Coffee Day! We held a coffee-tasting to figure out the best coffee in the world.

Things to know before travelling to Jordan

You might have an idea of where to visit in Jordan, or have a tour booked already, but here are a few helpful things to know before you set off on your travels.

Six of the best sleepovers

  • 23rd July 2019

The best sleepovers were never about comfort or actual sleep but more so about bonding, experience and nurturing connections. We've found the six best sleepeovers around the world for exactly that.

UNESCO reveal new heritage sites

  • 19th July 2019

UNESCO recently revealed some new heritage sites in some of the fascinating locations we send our tours. Check out the recent qualifiers here.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ethiopia

Why visit Ethiopia? Why not! Find out the best things to do and experience in Ethiopia, from the delicious coffee to the Danakil Depression.

What to see and do in Bhutan

From cultural performances to amazing sights, here are our best things to see and do in Bhutan.

Why you should visit Pakistan right now

Pakistan has always been a Wild Frontiers favourite, but travel to Pakistan just got easier and more desirable than ever. Find out why now is the best time to visit.

What to Eat in Nepal

With so much to choose from, it's hard to know where to start with the best food Nepal has to offer. Check out our must-try Nepali dishes that you just cannot miss out on.

Best Things To Do in Bangladesh

Situated between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh has as much beauty and allure as its neighbours but has yet to receive the same amount of tourists. Discover the best of this little visited destination in the Indian Subcontinent.

Ways to Travel More Responsibly

  • 30th May 2019

Responsible tourism for us is selecting eco-friendly hotels, wildlife conservation and supporting local communities, but how can you travel more responsibly?

What is Carbon Offsetting?

  • 30th May 2019

With responsible travel in mind, we've been offsetting our client's carbon footprint since 2005. But what is carbon offsetting? And why do we do it?

A to Z of India

Narrowing down all the amazing things about India is no easy feat, but from the Andaman Islands to Ziro Valley, we've summed up an alphabet variety of quintessential and little-known facts about India.

Is it Safe to Travel to India as a Woman?

  • 18th April 2019

India is a beautiful country, full of deities of all shapes and sizes, mouth-watering food and welcoming people. Despite this, unfortunately, India has a bit of a reputation for not being the safest place for a solo female traveller.

Alternative Bucket List - India

India is pretty much a travellers haven, catering to the spiritual and laidback, to the chaotic and thrilling. We’ve summed up the absolute must-see places in India, and for those who wish to stray from the India bucket list, the best alternatives to venture down the path less trodden.

A Little Taste of Georgia

One of the many, many reasons why Georgia is so popular here at the Wild Frontiers office, and indeed with our clients, is the food. Carla Capalbo, award-winning food and wine writer and photographer, shares with us a recipe from her book Tasting Georgia.

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