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Blogging from the Wild

A Colombian Road Trip Recce

Our ground agent Russ and tour guide in Colombia, Alex Rodriguez, made a road trip out of a recce to a little-visited part of the country and discovered some WF worthy experiences.

Just back from...Oman

Just back from his Oman tour, Dan tells us all about the highlights of his trip.

Just Back From: The Three Guianas

Our Group Tour Operations Manager Dan has just got back from our Three Guianas: Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana recce tour and he cannot stop talking about what an incredible time he had. Here he fills us in on some of the many highlights from the tour.

Mexico Magico

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world, because of its people, its culture, the bio-diversity, heritage, history and many other things… All these elements makes this a unique country and a very attractive destination for all kinds of tourism.

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