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Blogging from the Wild

Hindu Kush Adventure - Celebrating the Kalash Festival and Beyond

Tour Leader Carly, currently leading the Hindu Kush Festival Adventure in Pakistan, gives us a glimpse of this colourful festival in full swing.

Djemila: Algeria's Ancient Roman City

Wild Frontiers Tour Leader Carly explores one of the finest ancient sites in North Africa.

The Kindness of Strangers in the Middle East

When I work or travel in the Middle East what I notice and love most are the acts of kindness, the unspoken give and take that seems to operate within society here.

Spending the Night on Wahiba Sands

A Monday in the Wahiba Sands of Oman is probably the best Monday you will have. After breaking our first night wild camping, shaking the dew from the tent we packed up and headed to the coast over miles and miles of dunes...

My Silk Road Odyssey through Kyrgyzstan and China

WF tour leader Carly describes life in a yurt by Kyrgyzstan's Son Kul lake and the incredible array of sights, sounds and smells at Kashgar's famous market.

Riding in the Caucasus

While leading our Ride the Caucasus tour, Carly describes her time in the pristine landscapes and the hospitality of the locals.

Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan: Homestays, Borders and Desert Storms

Tour leader, Carly Fillis, writes from the field about local hospitality and the fickle weather of the desert, as she leads our Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan: Cities of the Silk Road tour.

A home from home in Jordan

Tour leader Carly shares her experience of a homestay in Jordan, one full of traditional food and hospitality!

First Impressions of Sudan

Tour leader Carly Fillis shares her first impressions of Sudan.

My return to Jordan

Having spent many months working in Jordan and also many months travelling and visiting over the years for pleasure I was more than happy to lead again in one of my favourite regions in the world.

A Desert Oasis in Jordan

Arriving after a long, satisfying walk through part of the iconic Jordan Trail from Dana to Feynan we arrived at our desert eco lodge for the night. Set in perfect keeping with the desert surroundings, it appeared like a mirage, almost camouflaged by the rocks.

My Return to Yazd, Iran

Carly, currently leading our Iran Unveiled tour, describes her return to the ancient Iranian city of Yazd

Witnessing Muharram in Tehran

Carly continues her journey in Iran, this time she describes the passionate celebration of Muharram, one of Islam's holiest months, in the capital of Tehran.

A Day in the Life of Viscri, Romania

Carly explains everyday life in the idyllic village of Viscri in rural Romania - from ancient churches and handmade wares, to fields of cows and rolling hills.

Unexpected Culinary Delights of Romania

Carly has just returned from leading our Walking in Romania: Along the Enchanted Way tour - here she talks to us about the unexpected culinary delights of Romania.

Culinary Delights in Uzbekistan

Tour leader Carly Fillis recently led our Cities of the Silk Road group tour. Below she talks about how the food and abundance of fresh produce in Uzbekistan was surprisingly different to her expectations...

An Encounter with Turkmenistan's Heavenly Horses

Tour leader Carly Fillis has just returned from leading our Cities of the Silk Road group tour to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Below Carly reflects on getting up close and personal with Turkmenistan's iconic horses...   We arrived at the Akhal-Teke stud farm late in the morning. As a horse rider…

First Impressions of Uzbekistan

Tour leader Carly Fillis has just finished leading our Cities of the Silk Road group tour. Below she talks about her initial impressions of visiting Uzbekistan... "Uzbeki…what?" "You're going where?" Some people have never heard of this place let alone know how to pronounce it! "Samarkand is wher…

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