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Blogging from the Wild

The wings of the Kyrgyz people

Tour leader Cally's riding tour of Kyrgyzstan comes to an end...but not before some horseback wrestling.

Journeying to meet the nomads

Tour leader Cally continues her riding tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Clip clopping through the Tien Shan

Tour Leader Cally continues her journey through Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan: Ride the Mountains of Heaven

Tour leader Cally tells us about leading a tour by horse through Kyrgyzstan's spectacular mountains.

Off Road Villages in Tusheti

We encountered many beautiful and remote villages on horseback during our stay in this magical place.

Horse Heaven in Georgia - Ride the Caucasus

After drinking some homemade thyme tea we set off on another excursion on horseback towards a glacier lake 2300m above sea level in the next valley offering panoramic views of Tusheti.

Entering Tusheti National Park

Tour leader Cally Savage has just returned from leading our Ride the Caucasus horse trek in Georgia. Below Cally recounts her first impressions of the majestic Tusheti region...

Oman: Infinite Peace in the Empty Quarter

While wandering the world's largest sand-dune desert at night-time, Cally delights in shooting stars along with some entertaining little creatures on the desert floor. Cally is just back from tour leading our Oman Desert Christmas Adventure and reflects upon her time in the Empty Quarter. Our d…

Oman: Camping with Camels

Tour leader Cally Savage is just back from Oman Desert Christmas Adventure. Today we journey towards Wahiba sands and our first taste of our wild camping expedition. En route we spot a young man at the camel race track exercising some racing camels. He is riding a large white camel and is leading…

Beautiful Viscri

Tour leader Cally Savage led our Walking in Romania: Along the Enchanted Way group tour in August. Below Cally recounts her experience of enjoying local life in the Saxon village of Viscri. Waking up I hear the sound of a gaggle of geese wandering outside my bedroom window, turkeys and chickens p…

The Meadows and Churches of Maramures

Tour leader Cally Savage led our Walking in Romania: Along the Enchanted Way group tour in August. Below Cally looks back on visiting the wooden churches of Maramures and soaking up daily life... The landscape is dotted with haystacks and scythe marks as we meander through the local villages in M…

Romania: A Walk Back in Time

Tour leader Cally Savage led our Walking in Romania: Along the Enchanted Way group tour in August. Below Cally looks back on her first impressions of arriving in Romania, from the beautiful scenery to attempting to play some of the local musical instruments in Maramures... We arrive into Transylv…

Enjoying our Final Days in Oman's Desert

A stop at the checkpoint to enter the Empty Quarter and we saw our first black camels – what better place to try our first taste of camel milk. A surprisingly tasty frothy vanilla milkshake like taste – pass the bananas and strawberries please! Driving through rocky desolate paths through the Rub al…

Spotting Birds, Stars and Camels in the Omani Desert

Driving along some roads that were only built as few as two years ago, we were struck by the changing landscape as we made our way towards Wahiba Sands. Some of the roads were only dirt tracks a mere month ago, a testimony to the huge infrastructure development in the past forty years in this countr…

Christmas Eve in Muscat

Day one of our Oman adventure started off by visiting Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques in the Arab world and can hold approximately 20,000 Muslims in its ornate prayer room. The specialist work of the craftsmen is prevalent everywhere, from th…

Final Days on Horseback in Georgia

Today began with more climbs and river crossings and the sun shining happily on us once more. We all decided to have a break at our 'Kodak' spot with snow-capped mountains in the background and peaks that reached beyond the clouds, stretching up to the heavens. There was some good posing by Zezva an…

Exploring the Tusheti Region on Horseback

The botanists on our trip were in heaven at the abundance of wildflowers of all colours and varieties as we left Omalo and headed towards the Gometsari gorge, containing the village of Verkhovani, our place of rest for the night. As we climbed up a high ridge following an old herders trail known in …

Horse Riding in Georgia

Setting off from Telavi towards the Caucasus mountain range with the looming rain clouds looking set to follow us some more, I must admit I wasn't ecstatic at the prospect of a five hour drive up some windy, bumpy dirt track roads. Least of all for the girls who were already turning green at the ide…

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