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A home from home in Jordan

Tour leader Carly shares her experience of a homestay in Jordan, one full of traditional food and hospitality!

The Cultural Significance of Chocolate in Colombia

Colombia is home to some of the finest chocolate found anywhere on the planet. Here we take a look at why Cacao is such an important product in the country.

Wild Frontiers’ Alternative Bucket List

  • 16th March 2018

With tourist numbers growing every year, many destinations are seeing record visitor numbers fueled by the rise of Instagram and the idea of the bucket list, which is leading to concerns around 'over-tourism'. If you want to avoid the crowds, here is our alternative bucket list of lesser-visited but equally inspiring sights and cities.

Mexico Magico

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world, because of its people, its culture, the bio-diversity, heritage, history and many other things… All these elements makes this a unique country and a very attractive destination for all kinds of tourism.

Six Nights in Namibia

Christopher Isles and his wife Karen spent a week in Namibia, climbing dunes, discovering rock art, exploring game parks and much more.

Last Train to Addis

After the “Christmas Explorer” trip, Peter Heywood visited Dire Dawa and Awash with Wild Frontiers.

Evening of Adventure Live from the Royal Geographical Society

  • 27th February 2018

Watch our 'Evening of Adventure' with Kate Humble, Benedict Allen and Richard Dunwoody, libe from the Royal Geographical Society.

The Kyzylkum Desert - A Massive and Desolate Place

  • 22nd February 2018

The Kyzylkum Desert looks big enough on a map, but its true size is only known to those who have journeyed across it. Stretching for hundreds of miles across harsh terrain, the brave traders who pioneered the silk road would spend weeks crossing it, staring out at the sand.

Book of the Month: Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

  • 19th February 2018

A fascinating and highly readable book that shows how geography has shaped the way of the world today, Prisoners of Geography is a great way to understand the geographical reasons behind many of the areas of conflict in the world today.

The Barefoot Emperor

Peter Heywood travelled to Ethiopia with Wild Frontiers on the “Christmas Explorer” trip.

Six of the Best Festivals Around the World

  • 19th February 2018

There are few better ways to truly immerse yourself in a new country than to attend an event full of cultural displays, traditional rituals, authentic food and local people. Here is a round-up of our favourite festivals from around the world.

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Dog

  • 16th February 2018

It's Chinese New Year, welcome to the year of the dog!

Tour in Focus: Silk Road Odyssey

Our Tour in Focus blog series takes an in-depth look at some of our most popular tours, highlighting what makes them different and answering the most common questions travellers might have. Here we look at one of our most popular tours along the Silk Road, the Silk Road Odyssey. Taking in many of the highlights along this historic route, from the endless grassy plains of the Kyrgyzstan steppe to the architectural wonders of Uzbekistan, this tour gives an overview of the culture and landscapes of Central Asia.

A to Z of the Silk Road

The Silk Road was one of the world’s most important trade routes, traversing deserts, mountains and plains from China to Constantinople with branches down to India, the Middle East and North Africa. More than just goods, the Silk Road transported religion, culture and ideas between east and west. In our A to Z we take a look at some of the key people, places and events in the history of the Silk Road.

Oman Photo Diary

Wild Frontiers' client Steve Rencontre recently returned from a tour of Oman and has put together a photo-diary of his trip, including goat parades, dressing up and lost runners.

Travel Trends: Colombia

If you’re looking for the hottest new travel destination, look no further than Colombia, South America’s rising star. Here at Wild Frontiers, we've seen a big increase in travellers to South America, and Colombia is our most popular destination on the continent by far.

Wanderlust’s Top Five Emerging Destinations

  • 6th February 2018

Both Wanderlust readers and Wild Frontiers clients are adventurous travellers, so it’s no surprise that the top five countries in Wanderlust Magazine’s Top Emerging Destinations Award are some of our clients’, favourite places to travel. From Silk Road history and stunning scenery in Kyrgyzstan to rugged mountain landscapes and delicious food in Georgia, here’s our take on why these are the top emerging destinations.

Birds, Beasts and Beauties of Bangladesh

Tour leader Amanda has just returned to Dhaka ready to lead her third tour in Bangladesh. Here she explains how the country differed from her expectations and talks about her favourite parts of the tour and why everyone should visit.

Adventure Vacations for Couples

  • 30th January 2018

Nothing brings a couple together like a good adventure. Pure relaxation is fine, but when you get your heart racing alongside the person, you’ll love you’ll find that you grow even closer together. Here's our list of the best adventure vacations for couples.

Top Five Places to Visit on the Silk Road

Interest in the Silk Road is growing rapidly, with travellers intrigued by the ancient routes which saw the exchange of goods, religion and ideas between east and west. The routes cover such vast areas that it can be difficult to decide where to visit, so we’ve put together a list of the top five places to see on the Silk Road, from cultural hotspots to incredible landscapes.

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