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Flores and the Island of Dragons

  • 25th April 2019

Named Flowers by 16th-century Portuguese colonists, who were amazed by the island’s lush and fragrant forests, the island of Flores is today a traveller’s dream.

A to Z of India

Narrowing down all the amazing things about India is no easy feat, but from the Andaman Islands to Ziro Valley, we've summed up an alphabet variety of quintessential and little-known facts about India.

Djemila: Algeria's Ancient Roman City

Wild Frontiers Tour Leader Carly explores one of the finest ancient sites in North Africa.

What Thailand's Coronation Ceremony Means for Travelers

The country of Thailand is planning an extravagant coronation ceremony for their new king, Maha Vajiralongkorn, also known as King Rama X. Find out what this means for travelers to the region during this time.

Armenia and Georgia Tours

  • 19th April 2019

Georgia and Armenia have often been overlooked as travel destinations. This makes traveling through the Caucasus Region and uncovering legendary landscapes, ancient churches, and military outposts, a very rich experience.

Is it Safe to Travel to India as a Woman?

  • 18th April 2019

India is a beautiful country, full of deities of all shapes and sizes, mouth-watering food and welcoming people. Despite this, unfortunately, India has a bit of a reputation for not being the safest place for a solo female traveller.

Sunrise Over Borobudur

Founder Jonny tells us all about his adventures ticking off Borobudur and Prambanan temples off his bucket list.

Just Back From…Uzbekistan

Travel Consultant Clem has just got back from a trip to Uzbekistan and has a lot to say about this fascinating Central Asian country.

Off the Beaten Path in Siem Reap

While Founder Jonny Bealby has been working in our Cambodia office, he's discovered the best off-the-beaten-path activities for the ever-popular tourist destination of Siem Reap.

Mr Nam's Letter from the Clintons

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have been singing the praises of our esteemed guide, Mr Nam based in Vietnam, which inspired the former President of the United States to reach out.

Alternative Bucket List - India

India is pretty much a travellers haven, catering to the spiritual and laidback, to the chaotic and thrilling. We’ve summed up the absolute must-see places in India, and for those who wish to stray from the India bucket list, the best alternatives to venture down the path less trodden.

Just Back From...Sweden

Travel Consultant Jamie, fresh from his travels in Sweden, sums up all his best bits.

An Elephant in Cambodia: Sambo's Survival

It seems apropos that as the Disney remake of “Dumbo” tops the U.S. box office charts, I stand in a Cambodian jungle watching another famous elephant soak her callused and abscessed feet in salt water.

From the Streets of Kolkata to Lord's

  • 4th April 2019

Meet Anjali, Millie, Jabir and Tarak, team North India’s batting line up for the Street Child Cricket World Cup. Unsurprisingly in a nation of cricket fanatics, the Indian teenagers share a passion for the sport, but it’s their individual skills with a bat and ball that are set to take them from the streets of Kolkata to Lord’s!

New York: Following in India's Steps

The Vessel, the centrepiece of New York’s newest neighbourhood, Hudson Yards, opened to much fanfare on March 15th. The brainchild of British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the Vessel is an interactive art installation consisting of 80 landings and 154 intersecting flights of stairs and is quickly becoming the most Instagrammed building in New York. At 150-feet tall, it dominates the newly developed area and offers those energetic enough to climb 2,500 steps superb views over the Hudson River and surrounding areas

Amazing Silk Road Discovery

  • 1st April 2019

It has long been believed that the Silk Road got its name from the trade in the highly-sought after fabric that travelled along routes from China to the West in the first millennia. Archaeologists working in China however have unearthed evidence of an actual road made from silk, which they believe stretches over 4,000 miles from Xian to Istanbul. They believe the silk rug-like road was laid in the 5th century to help traders and merchants navigate their way across the dangerous route.

Planes, Trains and Snowmobiles - Getting Around Sweden

On his most recent adventures, Travel Consultant Jamie got to grips with the best ways to get around snowy Sweden.

New Chinese Silk Road

  • 28th March 2019

If you’ve been following global news lately, China’s New Silk Road Project has been making headlines in the past few years. The ambitious $900 billion project is simultaneously reviving history - and making it!

A Little Taste of Georgia

One of the many, many reasons why Georgia is so popular here at the Wild Frontiers office, and indeed with our clients, is the food. Carla Capalbo, award-winning food and wine writer and photographer, shares with us a recipe from her book Tasting Georgia.

Jaipur Through a 150-Year-Old Lens

Today I had the honour of having my portrait taken by legendary photographer Mr. Tikam Chand. Tikam is the proud owner of an 1860 Carl Zeiss camera, the last surviving camera of its kind in the world today.

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