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Mongolia Trip Itinerary

What Does a Mongolia Trip Itinerary Look Like?

24th May 2019

Journey through Mongolia by 4WD to experience diverse scenery ranging from dusty deserts and towering sand dunes to pine forest mountains and grassland steppes. You’ll meet nomadic peoples that are incredibly hospitable and welcoming, and learn about culture thousands of years old. You can also partake in traditional Mongolian food and drink, and stay overnight in a Mongolian ger.

Mongolia is a far cry from the madding crowds of the tourist track, in fact, you may not meet many other people at all, just the occasional nomadic Mongolian tribe. If you crave remoteness and yearn to switch off from the hustle and bustle of modern life, then a Mongolia tour will appeal.

Unsure what a Mongolia trip entails? Here's what a Mongolia trip itinerary looks like with some of the scenic highlights that you can expect to see.

Ulaanbaatar Trip

Starting your Mongolian Journey


Ulaanbaatar is the capital and transport hub of Mongolia. This is city you’ll fly into to start your Mongolian journey. You’ll typically spend a whole day and a night here to rest and take in the city sights before starting your tour. This will be your first taste of Mongolia, and you will see many examples of how modern life and Mongolian traditional lifestyle blend together. Activities you can expect to undertake in Ulaanbaatar include:

  • Ganden Monastery
  • National Museum
  • Traditional folk show
  • Dinner in a local restaurant.

Terelj National Park

Head a short distance north by 4WD to Terelj National Park, considered one of the country’s most beautiful with its forested mountains and stunning rock formations. You have the option to ride horses or explore the park on foot. You will stay at a ger (yurt) camp within the park, a very cool experience and one you don’t want to miss.

Yolyn Am Valley

A short flight south of Ulaanbaatar is the town of Dalanzadgad your gateway to the Gobi Desert. Here you can experience the incredible Yolyn Am Valley. This hidden canyon is ice covered for much of the year, but comes alive when the ice melts. Keep your eyes peeled, and your camera at the ready, for a glimpse of the local wildlife. Wild sheep, ibex and bearded vultures inhabit this deep ravine.

Mongolia Travel Itinerary

Khongoryn Els Dunes

Driving on the desert plateau is a unique experience. You’ll have a full day to explore this vast, arid region with the opportunity to take a camel ride or to just relax amongst the spectacular landscape. You’ll stay in a ger camp close to the Khongoryn Els Dunes. In the early evening climb to the top for stunning sunset views of the Gobi Desert. Listen carefully, the dunes are said to sing when the wind blows.

Orkhon Valley

After crossing the Gobi Desert you’ll reach the Khangai Mountains with its pine and larch forests, then head down to the Orkhon Valley on the shores of the Orkhon River. This lush, fertile historical reserve is some 320 km west from the capital Ulaanbaatar and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here pastoral traditions have been in evidence for more than 2000 years. Driving in a 4WD through this vast landscape, you’ll see endless undulating hills punctuated only with the occasional ger camp of nomadic herders.

Khogno Khan National Park

Nearby Khogno Khan National Park is a 470 sq km nature reserve home to historical sites, excellent walks, wildlife and spectacular scenery. Here you can ride a camel, hike sand dunes or grasslands, or visit Ovgon Kiid Monastery. You’ll stay overnight at a ger camp here, the lack of light pollution gives you a wonderful opportunity for stargazing. Awaken early to catch the sunrise over the mountains and steppes.

Ulaanbaatar Travel Itinerary

Ending your Mongolian Journey


All of our Mongolian journeys end in Ulaanbaatar where you can explore the city at your own pace, before a farewell dinner. The next day you will transfer to the airport for your return flight, then head home with a wealth of experiences and memories that will stay with you long after your trip ends.

Book one of our Mongolia tours and you’ll be in good hands with an experienced local guide. On a guided tour you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of your natural surroundings of which there is no shortage in Mongolia. All your airport transfers, internal transport, accommodation, food and entrance fees are taken care of.

If a Central Asia tour like this interests you, check out the 13-day Mongolia: Land of the Great Khan or the 10-day Mongolia Highlights tours offered by Wild Frontiers.

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