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1st June 2019

Wild Frontiers' staff filling up their filtered Water-to-Go bottles from fresh water lakes, rivers, desert irrigation systems, natural springs, water channels and fountains all across the world. Many of you, our travellers, have been using the bottles in equally exotic places, and we'd love you to help spread awareness of our campaign by sending in images of you using your bottles!

Tara in India


Charlie in Argentina

Jonny in Iran


If you would like to join Wild Frontiers staff by showing off where in the world you have been filling and using your Wild Frontiers Water-to-Go bottles, we will send you a £50 voucher* to put towards your next Wild Frontiers trip. Send your photos to blogs@wildfrontiers.co.uk


Our filtered bottles allow you to fill up on the go, or simply from your hotel bathroom tap, a café or restaurant, with the confidence of knowing you have a supply of clean drinking water without contributing to plastic waste.

Since establishing our campaign in early 2018 to reduce single-use plastic water bottle waste while travelling, Wild Frontiers clients have joined the drive and purchased over 600 filtered water bottles.

In real terms, based on each filtered bottle saving 4 x 500ml plastic bottles a day over an average tour of 12 days, that adds up to an estimated waste reduction of over 28,000 single-used plastic bottles.

However, if used to their capacity on multiple trips each 75cl bottle filter is able to treat 200 litres of water - meaning those 600 filtered water bottles have the capacity to save 240,000 single-use plastic bottles!

While these are figures we are proud of, there is still much to do to keep the momentum going and we need the help of those of you, who are cutting their plastic waste by using their Wild Frontiers bottles, to become ambassadors for the campaign.

Meike in Costa Rica

Ruby-Tiger in Ladakh

Anna in Siberia

Bhopal in Ladakh

Jon in Namibia

*Conditions apply
Vouchers can only be used on new bookings, made after 01 June 2019
Photos will be used on the Wild Frontiers website and social media to promote the campaign
Must be a Wild Frontiers branded bottle taken on a Wild Frontiers tour
Photo voucher offer available until 31 December 2019
Limited to a maximum of 1 x £50 voucher per person

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