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Walking Holidays in Africa

Walking Holidays in Africa

26th June 2019

Exploring Africa on foot gives you first-hand access to flora and fauna and you get the chance to meet local people, something you may miss when driving. Experience some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet with a walking holiday in Africa.

Trekking in Africa is a fun way to get fit and enjoy a simpler way of life. You may not even be able to get a phone signal in some walking areas so it’s a chance to truly unplug and get away from it all.

Whatever walking holiday you decide to do, Africa is a destination that will truly exceed your expectations. Here's our picks for the best walking holidays in Africa.

1. Hidden Treasures of Northern Ethiopia

Walking Holidays in Ethiopia

A 13-day iconic walking tour where you can fully be fully immersed in African nature, culture and history.

Northern Ethiopia is full of hidden treasures, some only accessible by foot. This walking tour is hosted by local communities who will introduce you to some of the classic highlights of the region, including imperial cities, rugged mountains, rock-cut churches and ancient palaces.

Highlights include:

  • Picnicking in the stunning Simien Mountains where you can spot Gelada baboon, Walia ibex, klipspringer, bushbuck and the rare Simien fox.
  • Relaxing at the end of a satisfying trek in The Goha Hotel one of Ethiopia’s best mountain lodges which sports wonderful views from the deck.
  • Exploring the stunning rock-cut church system of Lalibela where structures are carved up to 10 m high below ground level.
  • Visiting Axum, home to the ancient ruined palace of the Queen of Sheba, and reportedly the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.

“This spectacular adventure takes you into the cultural heart of one of Africa’s most bewitching destinations.”

2. Grand Kenyan Safari Adventure

Walking Holiday in Kenya

If big game is your top reason for visiting Africa then this 10 day epic walking tour will tick all the boxes.

You’ll visit two of Kenya’s finest wildlife areas, the Laikipia Wildlife Reserve and the Maasai Mara on the northern edge of the Serengeti National Park. Depending on the time of year you can also witness the great herds departing on their annual migration.

Highlights include:

  • Learning about the flora and fauna of the area of northern Laikipia in the company of local Samburu tribesmen.
  • Experiencing an afternoon game drive and visiting the local Samburu tribe.
  • Walking the ancient the Oltyiani Trail left by elephants and the Maasai tribesmen.
  • Moving from camp to camp, viewing various wildlife along the way, enjoying open-air bush dinners and star gazing.
  • Discovering the game rich plains of the Maasai Mara, where lions, rhinos, elephants and buffalo graze, laze, run and play.

“Taking in some of Kenya’s most scenic safari camps, this memorable journey travels across some of the most iconic landscapes in eastern Africa.”

3. Tanzania Lake Natron Trek

Walking Holiday in Tanzania

Flamingos and tree climbing lions are just some of the unique wildlife you’ll see on this 7 day walking tour of Tanzania.

Starting in Kilimanjaro, this itinerary is based on reaching the destination of Lake Natron over a period of 5 days. This vast crater lake offers a number of short and long hikes, as well as incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing and relaxing activities, such as taking a dip in the natural pools.

Highlights include:

  • Game viewing in Lake Manyara National Park, where you can see tree climbing lions and flamingos.
  • Trekking through the forest canopy to Ngorongoro crater floor, home to a large concentration of game.
  • Learning about local tribes and customs from a Maasai walking guide.
  • Hiking to the Empakai crater, a famous flamingo feeding ground, and an overnight stay at Empakai Private Campsite.
  • Discovering the unique habitat of Lake Natron with either a short hike to waterfalls or a longer more strenuous option along the rift wall.

“Filled with spectacular landscapes and abundant game, the deep canyons of the Great Rift Valley hide vast open plains where a dramatic battle for life is played out daily.”

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