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To Go, or not to Go, to Goa?

13th September 2012

'Don’t go to Goa!' Everyone keeps telling me. It’s busy, noisy (due to all the beach parties), full of old hippies (who didn’t come home from 'the sixties'), and dangerous (due to drunken tourists riding around on mopeds).

I have just travelled from the top to the bottom of this small state (it’s only 100 km from north to south) and I think Goa is still worth visiting. If you plan your visit well it is possible to escape from the crowds. I recommend you avoid Anjuna, Baga and Calangute beaches in the north (unless you’re an ex raver and want to re-live your acid house days) and stay in the south around Colva and Majorda. There are less tourists here, the sandy beaches are much nicer than north Goa, there are some fantastic luxury hotels to escape to, the local people are wonderfully friendly and the food is fantastic!

Goa has its own regional cuisine and you can’t get enough of it. I asked my waiter at Martin’s Corner restaurant to recommend something. Having assured him of my love of all things spicy, he replied, “Well, I suggest you try the fish curry, but we also have crab curry, Goan prawn caldine, fiery Goan pork vindaloo or Goan green chicken curry." He then showed me the extensive list of meals on the menu. Everything sounded delicious. I chose the fish curry with rice, which is the staple diet for Goan people. Mine was full of bite-size pieces of Kingsfish and flavoured with tamarind, ginger, coconut, red and green chilies, coriander, garlic, and cumin, and just the right amount of spice!

Do go to Goa, it's definitely worth visiting!

Nigel Fisher

From a young age Nigel travelled to Canada and Australia and his lifelong passion for travel began. On his 18th birthday he flew to New York and took …

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