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Spending the Night on Wahiba Sands

6th February 2019

A Monday in the Wahiba Sands of Oman is probably the best Monday you will have. After breaking our first night wild camping and shaking the dew from the tent, we packed up and headed to the coast over miles and miles of enormous sand dunes. Arriving at the coastline, we drive up to the shore in our jeeps to find some fresh fish to cook later in the evening. We can see hundreds of boats, all full of sardines that are bound first for Dubai and Saudi Arabia before being sold onto Europe. Countless seagulls, sensing the potential for a feast, swarm ahead forming a dense cloud in the otherwise clear sky.

We stop to visit a few fisherman located on different beaches, trying to find enough fish to feed us all. We succeed and head off to a local Omani restaurant for lunch, a lot of the restaurants here have a big Indian influences with fish and chicken curries appearing on many menus, along with rice.

After lunch we drive to our dune/beach camp for the night. It is beautiful, our guides/drivers expertly steer the jeeps over the steep dunes that line the shore, whilst we all hang up! Our camp is set amongst these picturesque dunes and a few of us head to swim in the clear waters of the Arabian sea. It's a refreshing way to wash off the cares of the day, made even more delightful as we catch a beautiful sunset while tucking into our delicious charcoaled fish.

The stars are so clear and bright in the vast night sky. As we all retire to our tents, the gently crashing waves are all that can be heard. Happy Monday!

Carly Fillis

Carly was born in sunny Wales. Her parents were in the RAF so she was always moving around and gaining new experiences. Having grandparents from South…

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