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Small Group Tours to Iran

Small Group Tours to Iran

27th January 2019

Iran is a country rich in history, culture, and achievement, as well as misconception. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the great bazaar of Tehran or the sprawling ruins of ancient Persepolis, then a guided group tour through some of the magnificent highlights of this beautiful country is a must.

Furthermore, if you are under the impression that traveling in Iran is unsafe, let us dispel this notion with one of our small group tours to Iran. Our experienced guides will lead you through the sights, sounds, and tastes of beautiful Iran and introduce you to the famed hospitality of this region. From the nomadic shepherd encampments high on mountain plateaus to the echoing halls of resplendent mosques, tombs, and palaces, one of our guided tours is sure to change what you thought you knew about the exotic Persian land.

Iran Unveiled

Small Group Tours Iran

This 15-day excursion through Iran is a perfect opportunity to see and experience some of the key highlights of Iranian culture, heritage sites and the famed hospitality of this land. This trip will take you through ancient Persepolis, bustling Iranian cities and towns and the lonely Zagros mountains.

You’ll explore bright, colorful and crowded bazaars filled with exotic goods, and visit the remote nomadic shepherds that roam the Bavanat Valley. Your tour will begin and end in Tehran, where you’ll find unforgettable palaces, museums and mosques.

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Iran: Persian Explorer

guided tours of iran

From Shiraz to Tehran, this 10-day guided tour is a little shorter than several other options and focuses on the highlights of the ancient Persian empire, of which remains can be seen everywhere. You’ll spend three leisurely days exploring the palaces and gardens of Shiraz and the UNESCO heritage ruins of nearby Persepolis.

The next leg of this small group tour to Iran will take you to Pasargadae, where the six-tiered tomb of Cyrus the Great rests. Finally, you’ll wend through gardens, monuments and exotic sites from Yazd, Isfahan all the way to journeys end in Tehran.

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Northern Iran: Assassins’ Castles & Alborzs Mountains

Northern Iran Tour

The image of deserts and mosaic cities that come to mind when one thinks of Iran are much different than the version of the country you will experience on this 15-day tour. Here we will experience the Alborz Mountains that border the Caspian Sea, and the idyllic, green and sleepy part of Iran that hides here.

After arriving in the bustling city of Tehran you’ll explore the towering castles of Alamut, Roodkhan, Lambesar and Babak, known as the “assassins” castles. You’ll also stay with the elusive Shahsevan Nomds, who have led their herds to the high mountain pastures for thousands of years. Finally, you’ll be able to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site in Tabriz - a maze-like bazaar that will fascinate you.

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Hidden Wonders of Western Iran

Western Iran Tour

The 15-day trek through Western Iran is an expert blend between traditional must-see sights for your first encounter of this country, and a few lesser-known monuments and places that are a little more off the beaten path. Departing from traditional itineraries that focus on the famous cities and sites in the center of Iran, you’ll wend your way in a half circle west, almost to the border of Iraq.

This part of Iran features stunning mountain scenery and several traditional peoples including the Kurds and Bakhtiari shepherd nomads that you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from. Several World Heritage sites are hidden in this part of Iran including:

  • The architecturally magnificent mausoleum at Soltaniyeh
  • Takht-e Soleyman, a breathtaking combination of a Zorastrian sanctuary, Sassanian palaces, fire temples, and Islamic architecture
  • Bisotun- the site of bas-relief carvings from 521 BC
  • The Ziggurat at Choga Zanbil
  • The ancient hydraulic system at Shushtar

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Eastern Iran: Into the Lut Desert

Eastern Iran Tour

In every corner of Iran, there is an adventure waiting different from the rest. Eastern Iran is no different. In this part of the country, you’ll traverse timeless deserts, journeying to ruins, shrines, fortresses and the ancient cave dwellings of Meymand.

The Lut Desert is considered to be the hottest desert in the world, but once you see a sunset over the kaluts (desert ridges and hollowed out rocks that soar dramatically over the barren land) you’re sure to fall in love. You’ll make plenty of stops in oasis villages, like Keshit to rest and recuperate before continuing on to UNESCO World Heritage sites of Bam, Mahan and Isfahan. Bam is an ancient citadel that spans a history of 2000 years. Mahan is home to the breathtaking Shazdeh Gardens, and is a must-see stop on the way to tours end in Isfahan, the ancient Persian capital. This journey is 16 days, and is a wonderful foray into Iranian history, and truly, the history of the world.

Tastes of Iran: A Culinary Tour With Simi Rezai- Ghassemi

Iran Food Tour

If your favorite kind of adventure in a new land is the culinary type, then this 10-day tour with expert Simi Rezai-Ghassemi is a must. You’ll taste your way through the nuances of Persian food along a journey through many of Iran’s stunning historic and artistic sites. This tour will take you through food markets and family gardens to teach you all about rich Iranian culinary traditions.

You will not only have the opportunity to taste signature dishes, but cook them as well! Several cookery classes are offered to unlock the secrets of Persian recipes for you even after the tour is long over. Iranian food is knowns for it’s flowery flavors, light ingredients and rich spices. For example, the Persian breakfast consists of flatbreads, jams and fresh cheese, while the traditional Persian dinner is meat skewers marinated in yoghurt and spices.

Your tour will begin in the historic city of Shiraz, where you will experience famous gardens, teahouses and historic sites - including the nearby ruins of Persepolis. From there, you will spend a few leisurely nights in Isfahan, touring the food and cultural market at the famed Nasqh Jahan Square. Your journey ends in the Iranian capital of Tehran, where you will have an opportunity to sight-see and enjoy a farewell dinner with a local family. The Fin Garden here is a must-see, as this is where rose water distillation occurs, and what makes Tehran famous! ‘’

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