Djemila: Algeria's Ancient Roman City

23rd April 2019

The ancient Roman city of Djemila, a UNESCO world heritage site, sits high upon a hill perched between 2 rivers, in all its glory, you can understand why it is one of the finest in North Africa. It's surrounded by hills and in the distance you can see the snow topped mountains of the Atlas, far beyond they reach the sea.

It always makes you wonder how these Romans managed to find such ideal and idyllic settings for their settlements consisting of houses, baths, forum and temples.

Visiting in April is a beautiful time to explore, the landscape is covered with yellow, white and purple wildflowers, all woven between the remnants of walls and walkways. The tiny ampitheatre looks like it's precariously placed on the edge of the hillside, still in pristine condition.

Not only is there the site but up the tree-lined walkway, which looks like something from the film Gladiator, there is a fascinating museum, all the internal walls are covered in huge mosaics. Some seem a bit faded and it's to be hoped that once tourism starts to flourish again they are maintained for they are spectacular and deserve to be seen.

Carly Fillis

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